Drum NY 1989 to 1998 member of the 82nd airborne division

I have good memories of serving with the 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION and the 1st Cavalry Division.

Mo, 65459 Was in the 89th ABFA Bn 11th Airborne Div.

Along with men bach from Japan in the 508th and those from the 11th Airborne Division that chose to remain behind when the rest were sent to Germany, the new 101st Airborne Division was reformed with a grand organization day and unit banquet called "Renedezvous with Destiny".


Campbell with the 101st Airborne Div.

I would like to invite all of you to visit my site and look at the entries read the one left by Harry McKnight he was in vietnam 66/67 at Bien Hoa in 101st airborne him and 2 buddys had their zippo lighters ingraved with 101st airborne div bien hoa vietnam66/67he lost it in tet offence and one of this buddys got killed I saw lighter on ebay found him on the computer in Anchorage, Alaska ,if any of you knew him his email address is there.

Served with the 101st Command and Control Battalion Apr59 to Apr 60; served with the 101st MI Det Nov60-May 62; served with 503dAbn Bde, Okinawa May 62-Mar63; 173rd Abn Bde Mar-Oct 63; 101st Abn DivDec 72 - Nov 76

Then went to Ft Campebell to the 101st, Hq Btry, 101st Abn Div Arty.

Division) to "have" to fly in an airplane, and almost came" unglued" when they were told by the Air Force Loadmaster, that they had to put "On" and wear "chutes" in the event we lose one of the two engines.

Think I made PFC more than anyone in the Division.


: New Orleans, Louisiana
Time: 2000-08-09 20:19:00

Served with the 82nd Airborne Division 1986 thru 1989.

I am only 23 and just got out of the 82d ABN Div.


Fayetteville, NC
Time:10/19/2000 8:29:18pm

A former paratrooper who served on jump status with the 82d Abn Div, XVIII Abn Corps, and the 5th Special Forces Group.

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US Army Feb, 1943, went Airborne, Ft Benning, GA,in July, 1944, assigned 13th Abn Div, Camp Mackall, NC, went to Europe, returned, assigned to 82d Abn, Ft Bragg, NC, then in Dec 52 to non-abn artillery unit in Germany.

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Bragg to 11th Airborne in 1957 assigned to 503 Hq & Hq company Recon platoon till 1958 the 503 remained Airborne and was the 503 Airborne Battle Group with the 24 Infantry Division along with the 187th.

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Charlie Company, 2-325th Airborne Infantry Regiment,82nd Airborne Division- Great page, stationed in Korea for thenext year.

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Co 1st Bat 325 Airborne Infrantry Regiment 82nd Airborne Division, April 1954 Sept 1956, I would like to hear from anyone in the 325 during this period.