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However, the true or real power is verylow since the voltage and current are largely out of phase.

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At that point the laser bursts into oscillation and if you turn up the pump power further, begins "burning up" (i.e., converting into laser light output) any additional atoms you pump into the upper level, as fast as you pump them in (referred to as "gain clamping" or upper-level population clamping)If you look at the laser from the side, you see the intensity of the sideways spontaneous emission from that upper level to *any* other lower level more or less also "clamp" in amplitude at the level corresponding to the threshold point.

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And, it would probably be wise to allow both thepump and amplifying laser cavities to warm up and stabilize for a minimum ofperhaps 1/2 hour before taking the power readings, also in between varying thevoltage and current on the amplifying laser.

So, I substituted a linearlypolarized 0.5 mW Aerotech tube instead - which helped a little but there wasstill too much variation to enable any reliable determination of a changeusing a slow responding multimeter (my trusty Radio Shack DMM) when the TUTwas powered up.

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For example, thespecs on pinholes should follow the peak power, not the average power (I'veburned many a copper pinhole with my pulsed dye laser of nanojoule averagepower, the pump laser would blast its footprint through).

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Gaslasers often produce much more than rated power when new and it is common forthe life to be determined by how long its output takes to drop below ratedpower.

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In another experiment, I used a C315M-100 DPSS laser ratherthan a laser pointer because it is more stable and has higher power (same532 nm wavelength but 100 mW) shining on a piece of cardboard with what lookslike a red DayGlow(tm) coating though I have no idea what it actually is.

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For the Michelson interferometer,the only optics needed will be a beam expander andcollimator (e.g., a low power microscope objective or one from a CD or DVDoptical pickup, followed by a 1 or 2 inch positive lens), a beamsplitter, apair of decent quality first surface or dielectric mirrors, and a whitecard to act as a screen to view the fringes.

Used with many low power HeNe lasers because of the low diffraction loss, ease of alignment, and the lower cost.

In other words, where all other factorsare equal, a low gain line may actually produce a higher proportion of theoutput power than a high gain line at higher power input.

Firstly,the short pulse duration makes it easier to reach high peak powers whileat relatively low energies.

If one of these is detected, adjustingfor a local maximum will result in much lower power - by orders ofmagnitude - than is possible for the main beam.

The extension to even higher power or for a laser power meter with a lowermaximum power rating should be obvious.

However, TEM00 operation will likelyresult in a lower output power or energy than was originally present and theloss could be 50 percent or more even under optimal conditions.