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Anonymity is an even stronger safeguard of respondent privacy. If a researcher assures anonymity, it means that the researcher is unable to link respondents' names to their surveys.

Diane went on to say, “The exhibition is fantastic. It is a great thrill to see it come together.”

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HRH Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, visited the WI Marquee at Cheshire Show and spent time looking at all the exhibits and displays and talking to members and visitors.

Survey sampling is particularly useful when the population of interest is very large or dispersed across a large geographic area.

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The research was launched at the Women as Agents of Change event, the first-ever WI meeting to be held at the Houses of Parliament.

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“It is fantastic, all the crafts and all the banners have been made by the members. It is well worth a look. “The idea was from a member of Cross Town WI who had worked as a volunteer at the Heritage Centre.

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Diane Coulton, of the Cheshire Federation of WIs, said: “The opening night was excellent. We were very pleased. We have been delighted to have ten institutions involved in the first place.

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16th September is WI day, 100 years to the day since the WI formed for the first time in England and Wales. To celebrate this I would like to show as many faces of our modern WI as possible! So if you would like to join in take a picture of yourself doing something unexpected, or doing something that you love or just being you and post it on Facebook (don’t forget to make the post public or nobody can see it!), Twitter or Instagram using . Let’s show the world what the WI really is! On the day you’ll be able to see the photos all in one place on the tagboard (excuse the current spam!). Last year over 500 women joined in, this year I’m sure we can top that! Love Jo x (Cam City WI President, Cambridge Fed)

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Your answers do show, however, that you recognised that the world has improved vastly for women over the last century with 95% saying they believe that women today have more choices than ever.

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Your answers suggest that despite campaigning for equal pay as early as 1929, 70% of WI members do not think that women are yet equal to men, and 82% of members think that women and men are still judged to different standards. When asked about women in the workplace, 59% of members said they believed that women were penalised for having children and 59% disagreed that women have the same opportunities as men. The research also shows a concern for future generations, with 78% of members saying there are not enough positive female role models for girls.

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It showed we are concerned about the pressures of modern family life with 84% agreeing that it is difficult for women to balance family responsibilities with work. Almost four in five members (79%) said they believed that staying home to raise children is not valued in today’s society, despite 95% saying women are still expected to be the primary care giver.