As de novo synthesis of nucleotides is very energy consuming ..

protein synthesis occurs in cellular structures called ribosomes , found out-side the nucleus

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Latest diagnosis methods of many health issues are performed through the detection of anomalies in the DNA and proteins. This detection process is done through the bio-conjugation of these macromolecules with other nucleotides or peptides. The progress of our understanding of genetics and proteomics has increased the demand for more control over the synthesis of these biopolymers. One of the main advances for their production has been the introduction of solid-phase synthesis, but the need of multiplex for complex assays requires to improve our ability to realize these chemical reactions in miniaturised environments.

Biotinylated, dig-labeled, and fluorescent nucleotides for biochemical and in situ applications.

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The trainee task will be to build pH-sensitive peptide or/ nucleotide libraries ready to be used for multiplexed synthesis of biopolymers in "Lab on a ship" devices. The job opens the opportunity to use state of the art electrochemical sensors and to work with characterization techniques that include NMR, Mass spectroscopy, XPS, SEM, and optical characterization techniques.

Now that we’ve described DNA and RNA, it’s time to take a look at the process of protein synthesis

Together with , nucleic acids are the most important biological macromolecules; each are found in abundance in all living things, where they function in encoding, transmitting and expressing genetic information—in other words, information is conveyed through the , or the order of nucleotides within a DNA or RNA molecule. Strings of nucleotides strung together in a specific sequence are the mechanism for storing and transmitting hereditary, or genetic information via protein synthesis.

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