Introducing the home computer terminal.

Tomorrow's fuel, tomorrow's eyes, tomorrow's robots, tomorrow's fashion.

Showcasing the artificial garden of tomorrow.

At the Cleveland show, billed as the "The World Series of Rock II", Trickster, Journey and Foreigner all opened the show and at the Anaheim, California show, Trickster, Kingfish and Journey opened the show.

Meet Nellie, a computer set to revolutionise the classroom.

is perpetual twilight – a post-midnight serenade that only grows dreamier as the years pass."
Ryan Reed (January 7, 2016 - Stereogum online magazine article entitled 'The 10 Best ELO Songs')" (1976): I can remember writing this on an old out-of-tune upright piano.

The sonic details in are lined up with meticulous care – every doo-wop backing vocal, every violin surge, every digital telephone ring, every dramatic chord change.

It's the sound of the future - the Moog synthesiser.

And I tear up when I hear the do wop, dooby doo do wop background vocals to the ballad , because my brain is connected to my body and I’m not a fucking monster."
Mark Spitz (November 27, 2015 - Salon)"The pattern [of Jeff's songs reflecting his love life] started on A New World Record which contained several of what the group punningly called 'bad salads' (sad ballads), including and , the latter about the perils of a long-distance love affair.

Computerised banking ushers in a cashless economy.

5, , and .Note that the Orchestral Encounters Of The Electric Kind bootleg LP incorrectly shows this concert as being performed on August 22.

James Burke tests executive toys to while away the hours.

Given the fantastic laser light show during Hugh McDowell's cello solo, it's surprising that this performance was not part of the TV broadcast and has never made it to video.

Judith Hann visits cowboy school to face an electronic bronco.

Fortunately, in March 2005, the audio from the performance was finally remastered by Roger Lomas and released on a UK DVD to accompany the original video footage in March of 2006.

Michael Rodd makes a call with an experimental cordless mobile phone.

People tell me the song gives them a boost, but I never dreamed I was doing that for anybody."
Jeff Lynne (January 21, 2016 - Rolling Stone article entitled: 'ELO's Jeff Lynne: My Life in 15 Songs')" - And the mothership descends.

Looking back at some of the stories of the last decade.

In the 2000s, it was released on video and DVD again with all with the bonus footage of the band meeting the Duke and Duchess Gloucester after the show and combined with the Discovery videos.