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In 'The Landlady' Dahl uses subtext to convey the true evil behind the landlady's homely exterior.

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When the landlady offered him a very cheap price to stay in the bed and breakfast he took it without question, and even when he thought she was, "slightly off her rocker" he continued not to question her behavior saying, "at five and sixpence a night, who cares about that?".
In the beginning of the story, Billy is very trusting of the landlady and her intentions are not obvious to him.

At first, Billy seems to have no conflict, but we realize that the landlady wants to kill him.

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He writes to his readers about how he met Lolita, the twelve year old daughter of his landlady, and chronicles how he constantly fantasies about fondeling her body and eventually taking sexual action to...

The landlady seems to share those traits at first, but she turns into an insane murder at the end.

Also I think he feels as though he has been in the same position before somewhere else and he knows what is expected from people like the landlady he is speaking to.

First character we meet in the book is Isherwood’s landlady in Berlin, Frl....

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"I should like very much to stay here." - The landlady lures Billy into her house with the promise of a cheap stay, and Billy accepts it without question.

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In this quote you notice that Billy has a curious nature.
"The old girl is slightly dotty, Billy told himself." - This is when Billy thinks that the landlady is a little crazy, but he thinks nothing of it.

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He begins to change slightly in how trusting he is with the landlady, but he would never have expected his outcome.
Billy Weaver was sent to Bath by his boss, and he told him to, "Report to the branch manager".

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He still does not see this, but he has a conflict with the landlady.
The Characterization of Billy Weaver
Personality and Actions
Compare Characters
Billy Weaver is young man (he's seventeen years old) that wants to be a successful business man.

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Also, his name is very simple, like his character.
Billy thanks the porter for giving him the name of a cheap place to stay.
Billy is very polite towards the landlady throughout his stay, and tell her, "You mustn't worry about me."
Billy doesn't questions the unbelievably cheap price that landlady is offering him.
When he learns that she stuffs her dead pets, he still does not question her behavior.
When he remembers that he's heard of the disappearance of the landlady's "guests" mentioned in the newspaper he continues to believe her when she denies the fact that Billy is talking about "her" Mr.

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He talks about the colored queen, the Puerto Rican family, the landlady, and the woman who cries all the time, in hopes of causing Peter to compare the meaninglessness of his life to their lives....