It is made in the body, but can also be consumed through food

01/09/2000 · l ‐Carnitine in dialysis, more than a commercial affair ..

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L-carnitine supplementation led to a significant increase in protein synthesis indicating that the increased dietary fat oxidation in slightly overweight subjects was not accompanied by protein catabolism.

The synthesis of L-carnitine requires the presence of six different molecules

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Thomas Whitfield, of Oxford University and Oxford BioLabs found that “L-carnitine stimulates energy production and cardiolipin synthesis within the cell membranes of hair follicles.

12/10/2017 · It remains unclear whether vitamin C deficiency has a significant impact on the overall rate of carnitine synthesis from endogenous substrates.

However, primary carnitine deficiency, which is due to decreased synthesis of carnitine in the body or altered transport of carnitine across the cellular membrane, can occur in people of all ages.