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However, If a preset level of significance is used to make a decision, it is imperative to select α by asking how much evidence is necessary to reject the null hypothesis. For example, if H0 corresponds to a long-term assumption that a scientific community of a given field has regarded for long, then strong evidence is required to reject it. This translates into a small α level value.

The P value is used all over statistics, from t-tests to regression analysis
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The p-value constitutes the basis for the interpretation of the evidence offered by the test statistic against H0. This implies that the magnitude of the p-value has to be considered. In general, for small p-values, H0 is rejected. On the other hand, for large p-values, H0 cannot be rejected.

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If you need to compute marginal effects you can use the statistical package which is available on the academic mainframe.)An interpretation of the logit coefficient which is usually more intuitive (especially fordummy independent variables) is the "odds ratio"-- exp is the effect of the independent variable on the "odds ratio"[the odds ratio is the probability of the event divided by the probability of the nonevent].

Intuitive Biostatistics: Interpreting Nonsignificant P values
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