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Ligeia went to school to become an architect and ultimately chose a career as a graphic designer within an architecture firm. Her well-trained eye is invaluable in the creation of environmental graphics and signage for projects, at photo shoots, and in producing the firm’s various promotional materials. She seamlessly moves between myriad design programs, assisting architects with graphics, presentations, and awards submissions. Ligeia also manages the firm’s website and social media. A long-time member of the AIA Minnesota Committee on Design, she received a 2014 AIA Minnesota Presidential Citation for her dedicated work on that committee. An associate with MSR with more than 20 years of experience, Ligeia serves as the firm’s graphics director. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, with a major in Architecture and a minor in American Indian Studies from the University of Minnesota. Ligeia also studied abroad in the Denmark International Studies program and continues to have a passion for international travel.

Conception and realisation of practical projects and working on tasks set in the area of interface design, interactive media design, game design an screen design.

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Admission is limited to students in their final year of study in the BBA.This course explores the more advanced topics of accounting and examines the alternatives discussed in the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Handbook, including the requirements of consolidations and accounting for non-profit organizations.Prerequisites: Business Administration 3123.This course examines in greater depth the concept of consolidations, including foreign transactions, and income tax allocations.Prerequisite: Business Administration 4113.This course introduces the principles of taxation, basic elements of tax law, and the reasoning behind the specific provisions of tax policy in a Canadian context. By examining personal and business elements of taxation, students are encouraged to consider the effects upon investment and decision making.Prerequisite: Business Administration 2123.This course builds on the principles introduced in BU4413 by examining corporate taxation in a Canadian context. In addition, tax planning is expanded to examine the interaction of the personal needs of sharesholders and the corporate tax structure. Students are encouraged to consider the effects upon investment, financing, and decision-making.Prerequisite: Business Administration 4433.This course helps students develop an understanding of the economic impact of accounting choices from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. Beginning with an examination of the historical development of accounting thought, students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the limitations of the current accounting model through examination of various accounting elements and analysis of current accounting research.Corequisite: Business Administration 3113.This course investigates the nature of conflict, why it happens, and how it can be managed. Drawing on interpersonal-small group theories and skills, the course seeks to understand various types of mediation strategies and approaches to crisis management.Prerequisites: Business Administration 3713.These courses are available for students when their interests and the professor’s expertise allow for a more in-depth tutorial approach. The student must be highly capable and have completed upper level prerequisite courses in the area of the directed study.Prerequisite: Permission of the Registrar.This is a senior level course in Human Resource Management that focuses on the theoretical and practical considerations involved in staffing an organization. Topics of study include labour supply/demand forecasting, job analysis, internal and external recruitment, selection strategies, and training and development for performance and retention.Prerequisite: Business Administration 3623.This course examines the human resource implications of direct and indirect compensation. Students will explore the various means of employee remuneration and the ways in which compensation decisions are made, the balance between profitability and payroll, and the role of ethics and equity in the reward process.Prerequisite: Business Administration 3623This course represents a culmination of business study, in that it draws upon all business disciplines (management, accounting, marketing, finance, etc.) in an effort to identify, analyze, and make recommendations concerning actual business problems. Emphasis is placed upon the development of analytical skills in the application of contemporary models of strategic analysis to business case studies. Admission is limited to students in their final year of study in the BBA.Prerequisites: Business Administration 3313, 3713, 3813.This course builds on concepts explored in BU4713 and is intended for students interested in developing a deeper understanding of evaluative frameworks that are key to corporate performance. The course has a particular focus on the case method of analysis.Prerequisite: Business Administration 4713This course builds upon the foundation established in Business Administration 3733 with a particular focus on the issues faced by more complex forms of organization (teams, corporations, multinationals, etc.). Topics covered include team dynamics, organizational power and politics, conflict and negotiation, organizational structure and design, and corporate culture.Prerequisite: Business Administration 3733.This course studies organizational culture – the idea that collectives have their own unique cognitive, sociopolitical, and material culture. The historical development of organizational culture theory will be examined, in addition to contemporary perspectives. These perspectives will then be applied to seek to explain the impact of organizational culture as a determinant of structure, human resource practices, leadership, decision-making processes, etc.Prerequisites: Business Administration 3713 plus three credit hours in Management or Permission of the Professor.This course examines the intricacies of marketing products and services outside of Canada and matches students with organizations outside of the university environment that are seeking to establish extra-domestic trade relationships for the first time. Students are required to plan and implement export strategies and more specifically prepare a market entry plan for their client organization that will then be used as the underpinning of a trade mission that will take place during the semester.Prerequisite: Business Administration 3823 and Permission of the Professor.This course is designed for students in the final year of their BBA to give practical experience in the application of Business knowledge gained in the program. The course requires a full day of work per week (or the equivalent) for the entire semester in an approved placement. Field Supervisors, in conjunction with the professor of record, will assist students in assessing their own strengths and identifying areas for future professional growth.Prerequisites: Admission to the course is contingent on the availability of placements and the permission of the Professor.Certain exceptional students, upon request prior to the completion of their third year, may be granted permission to write a thesis as an element of their Honours Degree requirements.Specific requirements are explained in the Honours Distinction description at the beginning of this section.

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A designer with 10 years of professional experience, Sara has worked on projects in the Midwest and on the West Coast, including municipal, commercial, office, tenant improvement, and fitness center buildings. She enjoys adaptive reuse projects because of the challenges they present to bring new life and energy to existing spaces. She believes spaces need to be considered on an emotional level, as well as an operational level. Sara holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from North Dakota State University.

Video Interaction Design Print. Bachelor-Thesis Visualisation of Distance. Through creating a multi-layered collection of visual approaches I investigated using video.

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Kate joined MSR in 2012 and has been practicing professionally for 13 years. She has worked on a diverse mix of projects, including public libraries, market rate and affordable multifamily housing, single-family residences, and corporate offices. Kate believes that everyone can benefit from good design and that a project should have a positive impact on the occupants as well as the surrounding community. As the recipient of the 2016 Scherer Travel Scholarship, Kate traveled to Bogota and Medellin, Colombia, to see firsthand how urban design has brought hope and increased opportunities to residents. Kate is engaged with her community, serving on the Kingfield Redevelopment Committee and as a member of the Urban Land Institute. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards, including an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chicago Distinguished Building Award, AIA Iowa Honor Award, two Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Awards for Architectural Excellence in Community Design, and the AIA School Medal for the top ranked graduating student. An associate with MSR and a registered architect, Kate holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University.