Anthony Reader: Correspondence, Writings, Speeches, ed.

by Ellen Carol Dubois and Gerda Lerner (Northeastern, 1992) andGeoffrey C.

Gordon, Ellen Carol Dubois, and Paul Barnes,

, on the other hand, usually hold that all propositions are merely, so that we must rely on propositions for significant information about the world.

Anthony: An Illustrated History (Knopf, 1999).

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Origin of antithesisLate Latin from Greek from antitithenai antithe- to oppose anti- anti- tithenai to set ; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.

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Having cast a ballot in the election of 1872, Anthony was arrested and fined; despite her tireless efforts, she did not live to see wide-spread adoption of women's right to vote.

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Origin of antithesisMiddle English antitesis from Late Latin antithesis from Classical Greek from antithenai from anti-, against + tithenai, to place: see do

Bracht Branham and Marie Odile Goulet-Caze (California, 2000).

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