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In the synthesis of acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin ..

(Blue Gum)
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In this study, a 3.1 cm2 area of clipped back skin was continuously exposed to liquid toluene by means of a sealed glass ring.

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In a control group of 17 unexposed workers, a mean level of 0.95 g/litre (range 0.55 - 1.6 g/litre) was recorded by Capellini & Alessio (1971).

Analytical methods have included colorimetry, involving nitration followed by reaction with various ketones, spectrophotometry, direct estimation by means of colorimetric indicator tubes, and gas chromatography (Maffett et al., 1956; Dambrauskas & Cook, 1963; Whitman & Johnston, 1964; Williams, 1965; Kolekovsky, 1967; Reid, 1968).

The mean decline rate of toluene, expressed as half-life, was calculated to be between 19 and 21 h both in the alveolar air and in the blood.

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It is typically used to treat mild to moderate degrees of pain

Mean concentrations of 12.4 mg/kg muscle tissue and 1.5 mg/kg liver tissue were found in eels (Anguilla japonica) kept in sea water containing 16.1 mg toluene/litre (Ogata & Miyake, 1978).

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The urinary hippuric acid levels reached a steady-state level after 4 h of continuous exposure (mean toluene concentration in air of 350 mg/m3) under a moderate energy load (Ogata et al., 1970; Nomiyama & Nomiyama, 1978; Veulemans & Masschelein, 1979).