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Hi, I have so many of the symptoms reported in this write up! I definitely need help in finding out how I can get these things properly removed and taken OUT!! I have had my implants since 1987 …… 28 years! I do have the Dow Corning Silicone and all kinds of things are going on with me, from heart palpitations to thyroid disease to brain fog and now I’m getting these discolorations near my temples and around my eyes! I constantly have cramps in my legs, and can’t sing like I used to! I’m devastated as someone talked me into this and I thought it was a good idea at the time! :(. I really need help!! I’m joining the group! Any advice would be helpful!

• Direct contact of surgical instruments to the prosthesis may result in damage, rendering it unsuitable for implantation.

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Hi Nicole – thanks – that is just hectic – can’t believe we couldn’t know it prior to implantation.
I went for a check up today after 7+ months, all good and healed and looking fantastic – but, have had 7 knots in my neck and upper back connected to my left prosthesis that was pulling my entire body sideways, causing me to be off sick from work for 5 days. Phrosthesis perfectly in place but I could not move.
Physio is highly recommended, I feel 1000% better and almost normal like before implantation, where I was suffering spasms for 4 months – it’s insane – my dr did not even suggest physio today. It’s going to take 3-4 treatments to address.
I feel like a new person already

• Implantation of the prosthesis is contraindicated in patients who require repeated urethral endoscopic protocols.

I had all those symptoms of breast implants illness. I had necrotic skin and serious infection on my right implant. The right implant along with a huge section of skin were removed deforming my breast. I had to go through 3 reconstructive surgeries and was still going to need more work. I had the saline breast implants removed and they were encapsulated. A biopsy was done and it wants to rule out lymphoma and leukemia. I had the saline implants replaced by silicone implants and then developed an infection on the left breast which forced surgeon to remove both implants leaving my breasts deformed. Now, I cannot ever get implants and have been told to leave my breasts like that since I can develop life threatening infections. I have to go see an oncologist to find out about my biopsy. I am so depressed and hopeless about my breasts being normal. i no longer care about the size! All I care about is having them symetrical and normal. They will never be the same! I don’t even know how I will cope with this tragedy!

they can last a lifetime when properly placed and cared.Endosseous implants in Maxillofacial Prosthetics of the prosthesis over the implants.

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Hi Laura,
Very interesting. I don’t know of anyone else specifically that has rejected metal femur prosthesis due to breast implants but I know many, many ladies including myself that cannot tolerate metals now of any kind ie dental metals etc. Heavy metals toxicity is common in us due to breast implants causing metals toxicity or impairing our ability to detox metals. Also autoimmune symptoms and conditions are known to pick up with any implanted device and so there is a correlation there as well. It has to do with the immune system switching from TH1 dominance to TH2 dominance and fighting things based on producing autoimmune responses. In order to heal the immune system we have to support it to switch back to TH1 dominance by removing anything inflammatory and other processes. Come to the Facebook group, we have some good files on the subject. Nicole

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Hey girls, I really appreciate this website and information being available to all the lovely ladies out there. It is a shame we have to specifically be looking for something wrong with implants to be informed though! I feel a website like this should be advertised on the breast cancer pink ribbon day to warn more women unaware that this can happen from implants! It is really scary! I was actually considering implants after 5yrs of breast feeding left me with rather deflated boobs and lost a cup size. However then I came across this website not because I was looking for me but to find out more about the complications as my Aunty has developed an aggressive cancer directly caused by her implants! Lymphoma and she is still fighting for her life 🙁 I am also a member of the Facebook group Breast implant Advice and am shocked at how many women get implants without much thought of possible consequences! Look just go to Bras and Things and get those new booster bras that add a cup they are fantastic! I choose my health anyday!

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Hello and thank you so much for your site. I got implanted 4 years ago with silicon gell implants at the age of 33. I had my own business which was a successful workout center. I was the mother of 3 small children. I was 5’6′ and always very tiny. I was always a very successful athlete as well being one of the top pole vaulters for our country. My life was amazing! A few months after surgery I got capsular construction in the left breast and it was replaced. Soon after replacement I started having seizures. They came every single month at the same time. I was put on every seizure medication but nothing worked my hormones were so out of balance. Nothing ever stopped the seizure. Everyone told me it was stress, I knew it wasn’t. I ended up having a seizure while driving and lost my license. My life got more and more out of whack. I have been to Stanford Medical group and seen the best doctor around. Ive had so many brains scans only to be told I was ok. I know now I need to get my implants removed. The left one has always hurt and been hard. I just started having the seizures and didn’t put the two together. I had memory loss, was bruising easily, started to develope everything. Please let others know it’s more than just the symptoms you have listed. And please add seizures from your hormones getting so bad. I truly was poisoning myself from the inside. Because of you, I WILL get my life back!!! You are a true angel for helping all of us!!!!