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de Мarton records irrelevant changes, on the basis of which a conclusion could be drawn that in Serbia on the whole there has been no change in landscape type in the monitored period.

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After she had completed her PhD, Dr. Leaf worked with teachers and students in low income areas and squatter camps in South Africa. The individuals she worked came to school contending with poverty, abuse, hunger and social violence. Many students were orphaned by AIDS. These students, hungry to learn, worked hard and saw their grades improving with Dr. Leaf’s Geodesic Learning Theory. The self-evaluative and executive skills, alongside the academic performance, improved among these students: the schools were transformed. One high school student, a 24 year old pimp and drug dealer, said “Dr. Leaf, now I know what to do with my pen.” He went on to graduate high school, and became a change agent in his community.

There is growing evidence that biological systems operate at the level of quantum physics [1]. When applied to neuroscience, the Quantum Zeno Effect indicates that the brain becomes what you focus on [2]. Focus is directed attention and is a function of the mind. Thus, quantum physics supports the notion of mind over matter.