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hypothesis+exaample research papers

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50 years ago, Milton Friedman articulated the natural rate hypothesis. It was composed of two sub-hypotheses: First, the natural rate of unemployment is independent of monetary policy. Second, there is no long-run trade-off between the deviation of unemployment from the natural rate and inflation. Both propositions have been challenged. The paper reviews the arguments and the macro and micro evidence against each. It concludes that, in each case, the evidence is suggestive, but not conclusive. Policy makers should keep the natural rate hypothesis as their null hypothesis, but keep an open mind and put some weight on the alternatives.

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Bangladesh, a south Asian least developed country, has been experiencing severe deforestation over the last 3 to 4 decades. Still, Bangladesh has not found any effective way to halt the deforestation. It hypothesizes that Bangladesh is presently at the initial up-facing stage of EKC considering deforestation. Many studies were found to judge the EKC for deforestation in different developing countries (, , ). While studying the economic impacts on deforestation at a global level, Scrieciu () concluded that case-specific factors might influence deforestation in different countries and socio-geographic zones. Therefore, he focused his research on a more disaggregate, local level. However, there is no validly published study of EKC on deforestation in Bangladesh. This study aimed at relating the results of EKC for other developing countries with Bangladesh. What will be the fate of the deforestation of Bangladesh in regards to ongoing economic development? Will Bangladesh follow the inverted U-shape of the EKC? If yes, what should be the economic and environmental policy to retard deforestation within a shorter period? We expect this paper will contribute significantly to this environmental issue. The findings of the study would be of immense importance for the forestry development in Bangladesh.

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