A review of various limits, terrestrial and astrophysical.

I wrote a paper about our experiments and five physics journals told me not to even submit it!!

His hypothesis in theory on special relativity that the light ..

If one object is traveling faster than another object, relative to the ether, then it will incur more resistance than the other object and will experience slower "time." In fact, the Special Theory of Relativity is nonsense without the ether.

No one else has offered a physical reason for why the Special Theory of Relativity is true.

Since he staked his whole General Theory of Relativity on ..

Also commented on in He identifies the East–West time difference as the Sagnac effect, notes thatthis is independent of the clock's velocity relative to the (rotating) Earth,and proposes a coordinate system in which it is treated just like theinternational date line (for use in highly accurate time transfer around the world);while correct, this has been superceded by the ECI coordinate system of the .

Many measurements of the speed of light involve the passage of the light through somematerial medium. This can invalidate some conclusions of the measurement due to theextinction theorem of Ewald and Oseen. This theorem states that the speed of lightwill approach the speed / relative to the medium ( isits index of refraction), and it also determines how long a path length is required forthat approach. The distance required depends strongly on the index of refraction ofthe medium and the wavelength: for visible light and optical glass it is less than amicron, for air it is about a millimeter, and for the intergalactic medium it is a fewparsecs. So even astronomical observations over vast distances in the“vacuum” of outer space are not immune from the effects of this theorem. Note this theorem is based purely on classical electrodynamics, and for gamma raysdetected as individual particles it does not apply; it is also not clear how it wouldapply to theories other than SR and classical electrodynamics. See for instance:, , and . An elementary discussion isgiven in . The standardreference for this is , and theoriginal paper is .

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Measurements of the resistance of a coil fixed in the lab, forvarious orientations relative to the motion of the Earth. Its nullresult is consistent with SR.

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The domain of applicability of a physical theory is the set of physical situations inwhich the theory is valid. For SR this is basically measurements of distance, time,momentum, energy, etc. in inertial frames (coordinates); calculus can be used to apply SRin accelerated systems, as can the more advanced mathematics of differentialgeometry. A more technical definition is that SR is valid only in flat Lorentzmanifolds topologically equivalent to R4.

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The Doppler effect is the observed variation in frequency of a source when it isobserved by a detector that is moving relative to the source. This effect is mostpronounced when the source is moving directly toward or away from the detector, and inpre-relativity physics its value was zero for transverse motion (motion perpendicular tothe source-detector line). In SR there is a non-zero Doppler effect for transverse motion,due to the relative time dilation of the source as seen by the detector. Measurements ofDoppler shifts for sources moving with velocities approaching can test thevalidity of SR's prediction for such observations, which differs significantly fromclassical predictions; the experiments support SR and are in complete disagreement withnon-relativistic predictions.

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Albert Einstein introduced the world to Special Relativity inhis seminal 1905 paper: (“On the Electrodynamics of MovingBodies”). It is available in several forms:

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They stored muons in a storage ring and measured their lifetime. When combinedwith measurements of the muon lifetime at rest this becomes a highly relativistic twinscenario ( ~0.9994 ), for which the stored muons are the traveling twin and return to agiven point in the lab every few microseconds. Muon lifetime at rest:;;.Also a test of the clock hypotheses (below).