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Many ideas and hypotheses have been presented, but only two stand today: that birds are descendents of ancient thecodont stem reptiles, and that birds are the direct descendents of a group of dinosaurs known as the coelurosaurs.

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Several limitations of this study are salient when interpreting the findings. First, the data represents a convenience sample of 701 teenagers in two school districts. These districts are located in urban areas of the western United States. The social characteristics of these youths are very specific to this context. For example, the majority of teens in this sample were White, Hispanic, or Asian. It is highly likely that in other regions of the U.S., the ethnic breakdown of a student sample would differ considerably.

Introduction: Based upon my personal experience visiting Basingstoke both before and after the construction of Festival Place, I predict that the hypothesis will be false....

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Many studies seem to have proven that the critical hypothesis exists because apparently no adult after puberty has been successful in achieving native-like proficiency.

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Hypothesis 3 explored the potential that young people bring differing levels of self–esteem and social capital to their SNS communities. The results (Table 2) show no support that teenage members of Facebook or Myspace differ in their average level of self–esteem. However, differences in social capital were intriguing across social network sites. Youth who had higher bonding and bridging social capital were more likely to choose Facebook as their primary SNS (controlling for other factors). However, teenagers who reported only higher bonding social capital were likely to be Myspace members. Finally, young people who reported only higher bridging capital were more likely to be ambidextrous in their SNS participation.

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The connection between the related concepts of logical possibility, causal possibility and conceivability are among the basics which create the foundation for determining the creation and interpretation of a hypothesis that is being analyzed within a thought experiment.

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The regularization of English past tense to the -ed suffix is one well known example, as is the replacement of OE -en plurals by -s .

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The second hypothesis (H2) suggested that teenagers from ethnic minority groups and lower SES backgrounds would likely choose Myspace, compared to their peers who were Caucasian or from higher SES backgrounds. The results offer empirical support for boyd’s (2012) observation that factors such as race and class are related to young people’s decisions to participate in different SNS communities. As noted previously, Hispanic youths were highly likely to adopt Myspace as their SNS of choice. In addition, these youths were substantially less likely to adopt Facebook or be ambidextrous in their SNS preferences. For this sample of Hispanic teenagers, Myspace was the place to network and interact with friends online, despite the overall mainstream popularity of Facebook. Furthermore, lower SES teenagers overwhelmingly preferred Myspace or were ambidextrous in their SNS preferences. The findings in Table 2 suggest that Caucasian and higher SES teens preferred Facebook, while their Hispanic or lower SES peers chose Myspace as their online community. Such results mirror qualitative accounts of these complex patterns of community among teenage populations (boyd, 2012).