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Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water

The Superlative Rewards of Drinking Hydrogen Rich Water

Amedeo Avogadro's principal contribution to chemistry was a paper in which he advanced two hypotheses: (1) that equal volumes of gas contain equal numbers of molecules and (2) that elementary gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen were composed of two atoms. For simplicity, let us call the first the "volumes" hypothesis and the second the "diatomics" hypothesis.

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In November 1995 I presented a hypothesis known by the title: “” in a US health magazine. It says that active oxygen could be scavenged or reduced by atomic hydrogen, which results in production of HO to give again a birthplace for every life form.

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In liquid water, all water molecules have at least one hydrogen bond to neighboring water molecules with effectively no free water molecules under ambient conditions (i.e. molecules with no hydrogen bonds). There are two main hypotheses concerning the hydrogen bonding of liquid water that divide water science; either (a) water forms an effectively continuous three dimensional network with the hydrogen bonds more or less distorted from their ideal three dimensional structures, or (b) water consists primarily of a mixture of clusters of water molecules with different degrees of hydrogen bonding in an equilibrium. Many properties of water are more easily explained using the latter model which is also supported by a number of experimental methods.