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A thesis statement is a sentence that makes an assertion about a topic and predicts how the topic will be developed. It does not simply announce a topic: it says something about the topic.

In writing task 2,the introducton and the conclusion is going well but,i’m afraid of body part and examples in it. could you please suggest me?

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You will never use a thesis statement which is learned – for example the one you have written above. You put your opinion when the instructions ask for it. If not opinion is asked, you present the main points in your thesis statement.

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No question asks you to discuss one side. If you are asks to present both sides, then you write about both sides. If you are asked for your opinion, you state it and explain it – nothing more. See my models to learn which paragraphs show both sides and how that is done.

See my model essays to learn how to write the thesis statement for all types. See the main writing task 2 page.Liz

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A purpose statement makes a promise to the reader about the development of the argument but does not preview the particular conclusions that the writer has drawn.

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I am not sure for writing task 2 opinion essay, is that better to agree or disagree completely the topic and then use sufficient ideas to support it to enable for me to get higher score, or better to partially agree or disagree then give my extra opinion on the topic to be able to get higher score?

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Thanks, Liz!
If I completely agree the question statement, and give enough ideas or completely disagree in the same way to write my opinion essay, do you think if the examiner will judge my score and may think I shouldn’t completely agree or disagree for this topic, or examiner wouldn’t care about if I completely agree or disagree, as long as I can give enough supportive points for my opinion?
Thanks in advance again!

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hi liz iam totally confused in writing task 2 thesis statement . in openion type essay can we write statement link , in this essay we will discuss…….. or we have to write in my opinion………

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Of course. Spend as long as you want in the beginning of your learning. Take your time to learn how to write an essay. One you know how, you can speed up the essay writing.

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