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In children, infectious arthritis often develops in a previously healthy child, but adults often have some predisposing factor, such as diabetes, chronic arthritis, use of glucocorticosteroid or immunosuppressive therapy, previous injections or trauma in the joint. Patients with endoprosthesis are also susceptible to infections in the operated joint.

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The terminology for the diseases of the tendon and its adjacent structures is often used loosely, and sometimes "tendinitis" has been used for all painful conditions in the forearm-wrist-hand region, regardless of the type of clinical appearance. In North America an umbrella diagnosis "cumulative trauma disorder" (CTD) has been used for all upper extremity soft tissue disorders believed to be caused, precipitated or aggravated by repetitive exertions of the hand. In Australia and some other countries, the diagnosis of "repetitive strain injury" (RSI) or "overuse injury" has been used, while in Japan the concept of "occupational cervicobrachial disorder" (OCD) has covered soft-tissue disorders of the upper limb. The two latter diagnoses include also shoulder and neck disorders.

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The low-back pain in most people has mechanical causes, which include lumbosacral sprain/strain, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and fracture. Here only mechanical low-back pain is considered. Mechanical low-back pain is also called regional low-back pain, which may be local pain or pain radiating to one or both legs (sciatica). It is characteristic for mechanical low-back pain to occur episodically, and in most cases the natural course is favourable. In about half of acute cases low-back pain subsides in two weeks, and in about 90% within two months. About every tenth case is estimated to become chronic, and it is this group of low-back pain patients that accounts for the major proportion of the costs due to low-back disorders.

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