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These studies fit so well with the orbital periods that they support Milankovitch's hypothesis ..

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Alternative Hypotheses
Alternative hypotheses, such as the “Zipper Rift” hypothesis and the high-obliquity hypothesis, have been offered as possible explanations to the scientific community of the previously observed data.

Proterozoic (pre-Ediacaran) glaciation and the high obliquity, low-latitude ice, strong seasonality (HOLIST) hypothesis: Principles and tests

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Moreover, if the majority of glacialdeposits are in low-latitudes in support of the high obliquityhypothesis it is possible that local environmental conditions such aselevated topography may have been responsible for high latitude glacialdeposits.

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The High Obliquity hypothesis cannot explain Varangian high-latitudeglacial deposits because of the high amounts of incident solarradiation, which will not allow for the accumulation of snow.

The snowball Earth hypothesis: testing the limits ..