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Kathy was delighted to have the new prosthetic hooks on her arms but at the same time knew that she was going to have to undergo extensive physical therapy as a matter of course for her multiple arm fractures. She knew there would be questions by the physical therapist as to why there would be so little progress in restoring function to her hands, wrists and elbows but she knew that she HAD to keep wearing the hook prosthetics as everyone in school knew her as “Kathy the hook girl” and she had absolutely no motion in her hands as the prosthetics were molded exactly to her forearms and served the same way as casts would, so essentially, she was committing herself to wearing what was for all intent and purpose, casts for the next 2 remaining years of high school and into college, as all of her school records cited her as being “Handicapped”.

Chapter 1: Arrival and Interview

Kathy, while entering a contest with her mother’s help, proved to be a winner as the contest drawing was held later that day in the same store, and she won a trip to Disneyland in California. Kathy was really excited because it would be 6 months from now when her arms were fully healed and she would be able to wear her more familiar hook prosthetics again. Nothing else exciting occurred during the other 5 weeks that they were on the island and they all flew back to JFK airport where Josie’s mother agreed to pick up the 3 weary traveling women. Kathy was fed up with wearing her arm casts and arranged to have them removed and have the hook prosthetics modified by her prostheticist so her arms would still be as effectively immobilized but she could then wear her hooks in which she felt more comfortable, so a brace attachment was made that fully restricted movement of her elbows in both extension and rotation. Josie, on the other hand, wanted to have long leg casts put back on so her orthopedist friend complied and put the long leg fiberglass casts on that very afternoon and gave her the paperwork which restricted her to a wheelchair for 3 months.

Both girls felt relieved to finally reveal their secret, but Kathy didn’t realize how much further she would have to go in revealing her secret, not just to Josie but to the entire school! As they left the school together, Kathy walked, looking down at Josie as she chatted, never seeing the high curb they were approaching. Josie noticed it and even with her two casts on, she applied just enough pressure on the wheelchair to get past the curb. Unfortunately for Kathy, that never happened. Her left foot hit the foot-high curb in mid stride at full waking speed and the momentum of her body in walking motion kept her going forward. Before she could even react, she was heading face forward toward the hard sidewalk. Instinctively, she threw her uncovered hands forward, as Josie had the prosthetics in a bag on her lap at Kathy’s request, as no one was going to be at school to see her for the first time without the hooks. Her arms outstretched, the force and subsequent impact of the sidewalk shattered the navicular and distal radiuses in Kathy’s weakened wrists, and she fell to the ground, writhing in agony. Josie took her new cell phone out and called 911 for an ambulance, which came within 10 minutes and brought Kathy, with Josie accompanying her, to the nearest hospital.

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With an artificial foot, Captain Rozelle, who lives near , Colo., managed to regain part of his old life. He competed in triathlons and returned to duty in ; he is now a major. But two and a half years after his amputation, he told his surgeon that he wanted nine inches of his leg removed so that he could benefit from a new below-the-knee prosthesis. His doctor was aghast.

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And these devices are likely to become more sophisticated. At , researchers financed by the have been working to create new prosthetics for soldiers with upper extremity amputations. Until recently, most of them wore only a basic hook.

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Since then, TRS has grown to become the leading innovator of body-powered prosthetic devices in the world. TRS remains specialized. We design and build only high quality technology for persons missing a hand(s).

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Occasionally this choice is made by someone with a missing hand or arm. But more common are amputations below the knee, which permit patients like Ms. Kornhauser to take advantage of robotic and fleshlike prosthetics.

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was formed in 1979, by upper limb amputee Bob Radocy, who was frustrated by the limited performance of commercially available prosthetics devices. He lost his left hand about four inches below the elbow in an auto accident in 1971. Bob experimented with all types of prosthetic devices. In 1977, while in graduate school, he applied his engineering and biological sciences education and design experience to create a high performance, prehensor which allowed him to be competitive with two handed peers in any activity he chose. Thus in 1980, the GRIP prehensile hand was first manufactured.