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: Because every experiment or project can always be improved, a healthy discussion of the limitations of the study should be included. All manuscripts should include a brief discussion on the adequacy of the research methods to draw a valid conclusion. Authors should comment on changes that would improve the methods of the study or reasons why the methods are able to draw a strong conclusion. The discussion of limitations should not be a separate heading or sub-heading in the actual manuscript, but should be a flowing part of the discussion section.

No, they are looking for what you might think of as a research protocol, so literally your background, literature review, hypotheses and methods.

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Although it may seem complicated from all that has been written above, in actual fact it is quite simple - you just need to think about your research hypothesis or question and that will guide you in the determination of your sample.

To help you, click on the icon below to look at the research question and hypothesis in the example of a qualitative research proposal that we are using as a guide.