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 Keep with your good work! and thanks for your determination in this fight!

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I have searched for the kinder, gentler version of AA, the one old-timers like Danny wistfully recall, but when I look into the quality of AA in days of yore, I don’t find anything substantially different. I attended meetings in the early 1960’s, and I see a nascent social cult that would naturally become the American addiction tragedy it has become.

Tell me a multi-digit math equation, and I can solve it without writing it down and looking at it.

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I don´t believe Mr Guy is in a "deep denial " ,seems to me that he is in "deep commitment" with Ameg group or with something else that only him to know …in my opinion, looking at Mr Guy Mcpherson reactions /behaviours /atitudes on this Chico California Presentation , seems like he is not very happy with himself …but I´m not a psychologist!…But there was a good cast of other biologists in this Presentation that was a pitty to not have had the chance to hear that round table and Presentation with You and them together while Mr Guy was fighting with his own deamons inside!

Other children with relatively good phonological processing skills went on to develop dyslexia.

It’s amazing how the world looks so different through the eyes of addiction, after abandoning your right mind. The onset of addiction always feels like a blessed event, quite unexpected by the substance abuser, but nevertheless welcomed as a wonderful surprise. Many potheads and slackers still recall their first lift-off, often as teenagers, into the Ozone, that zone of deep pleasure that evokes the wonderful insight, “Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, this feels sooooo good! Ohhhhh…” Anything that feels this good can’t be bad!” Thus sayeth the newborn Beast of addiction, in its first utterance of the Addictive Voice.

Furthermore, the how and why of such components are expounded herein and a detailed look at primary and secondary data are exposed.

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I just got back from a trip out of the country. I had looked forward to seeing the geoengineering evidence up close. Our plane travelled high above the natural clouds, which I could see plainly down below me. We were in a clear layer of air. Way above me was, at least to me, a shocking watercolor washed sky of gray, brown, and bluish colors. Am I remembering wrong seeing a beautiful sapphire colored sky at that altitude? The Central American country I visited was being sprayed almost every day but much less than here. One day it was much heavier, and I felt the usual heavy-chested feeling I always get, along with the mental dullness and metallic taste on my lips. When, oh when, Dane, will the majority wake up? I lose more hope each day and only my faith in the Lord keeps me going. I continue to pray for the truth to be made known before it’s too late.

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Of course the fact that there are many pretending to care about the climate, the deniers of climate engineering ARE the ones responsible for it.
This Guy reminds me of a wife beater. He pretends to be all about "the good guy" in public, but then behind closed doors, it's time to put on the boxing gloves.
These abusers of the climate need to be put in their place, and we need to stop pandering to them as if they were good guys.
Men who beat women will keep doing it until their wife screams for help and starts fighting back (with her wits, and the court system), then separation is the only thing that really works to stop the madness. In the same way, these bullies will fall.
They all need PRISON!

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I agree with Nina. I think something is going on behind the scenes of Guy's life. Regardless, Guy and everyone must do the right thing. As I write this, I am looking at a heavy layer of white smog. My family, and all those I love are breathing in the white smog. I am breathing in the white smog. IF I DO NOTHING, I AM ALSO ACCOUNTABLE!

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As for why he's doing this, dealing in half-truths, most of the possible reasons have already been speculated upon here. I assume we will never know why Guy McPerson's expertly crafted pitch is laced with falsehoods, employs conjecture based on extreme odds, cherry picks misleading data, and fails to recognize geoengineering. It could just be as simple as a guy out promoting his two latest books. Self promotion seems to be his shtick and he's good at it. Guy is in the habit of dismissing any and all science that disagrees with his hypothesis, so we are not special by any means. Its infuriating nonetheless because we are living the reality of geoengineering over our heads, and so is he. Yet he refuses to acknowledge it because it runs contrary to his agenda, whatever it is.