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The most recent and most cited “evidence” for a mystery satellite from beyond dates from 1998. The crew of Space Shuttle Orbiter photographed an unusual object in low Earth orbit (but not a polar orbit). These images are often labelled as the most definite proof of this satellite. However, on more careful analysis this strange structure seems more like a piece of space debris. In actual fact this black object is probably a thermal blanket (to be precise, a Trunnion Pin Thermal Cover) that had become dislodged during an EVA. Mission STS-88 was the first American mission to begin construction of the International Space Station. The Russians had already placed the Zarya module in orbit so this mission was to connect Zarya to the American Unity module. The crew achieved all objectives of their mission including installing hand-rails and testing a safety device to prevent astronauts drifting into space should they become detached. However, there were a few hitches along the way. Initial alignment of the modules did not quite work so as the Shuttle’s robotic arm loosened its grip to try again, several items floated away including the thermal blanket covering, which is the mysterious-looking image captured in the photo. According to the respected space historian James Oberg in his superb history of the incident , the lost blanket burned up when it fell out of orbit about a week after it was lost.

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In 1973 or ’74, a sunny Summers evening. Sat on the front step of our bungalow in Bodmin looking towards Lanhydrock. My friend and I were messing about with binoculars watching airliners in the distance when we spotted a small dark object seemingly much nearer and lower than the jets and moving faster! It got closer and we could see it in more detail. For the past 42-43 years, I have been telling everyone this story, actually not knowing anything about the Black Knight satellite until very recently (the past year). The image was distorted over time, but I always maintained the details of what we had seen that evening. It was very angular – definitely not oval or round shaped. There were no flashing lights or noises of any kind and it moved slowly in a straight path until it was out of view. It was metallic like gunmetal and had angular sides with parallel lines (like corregated steel sheets)

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case in point, answering none of my questions in the other post, nor providing your logical conclusions; instead, coming in this post and – like a smart ass – implying that i should accept some MS Paint picture that shows SOME similarities to the Black Knight NASA photos. what a crackpot.

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The reason I say this, is because with this Black Knight fiasco, its stating the same thing. Something we know, something we can classify or identify as foreign yet holding a bit of normalcy to our expected views (a satellite). This to me is the biggest indicator of false information. If we can quantify it as being similar, then it is likely fabrication or wistful thinking.

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mmm 13,000 years old Black Knight… before I say anything. I do believe what I saw… So I think this when they put Black Knight out there to orbit to observe the evolution… possible Human Hybrid while this earth full of Neanderthal , they created some new human hybrid possible this Homo sapiens… like the bible said the begin of new human… Adam and Eve…. so maybe this two are important subject for Alien scientist to study on Hybrid Human on the earth… Put Black Knight to keep records everything on this earth during evolution growing… I heard some say this Earth is the alike Terra Prison Or Experiment subject…. I knew it We are not ALONE!, This Jesus or The God.. is only an Aliens who show us the superiority technology… So I assume you Aliens Exterminated almost all Neanderthal (some are survived today as Big Foot) to replace their Hybrid Human like us…. Maybe im wrong but I do believe what they are doing… 🙂

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One more thing about this black night, theories abound about Atlantis, very very advanced civilization wiped out, what if they put something up there? Roughly the time of creation, or right before the flood. Maybe that’s a good theory? Maybe the UFOs n stuff are our ancestors, why like 99% of all UFO sightings are by deep ocean locales, after the biblical flood, maybe the survivors felt it better under the ocean? More men have been on the moon then the bottom of the ocean, we’ve mapped mars better then our ocean floor.

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They also recorded a soundtrack for a low-budget movie a friend of his was making, called You've Got To Walk It Like You Talk It Or You'll Lose That Beat - the album of which, likewise, also magically appeared, prominently bearing their names, once Steely Dan became a bankable prospect. Becker remains philosophical about the situation.