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The texture based features are extracted by Gabor filtering, feature selection techniques such as Information Gain, Principal Component Analysis, correlation based feature selection are employed with Genetic algorithm which is used as an optimal initialisation of the clusters.

Using Genetic Algorithms – DSpace@MIT

Results of this work show an accuracy of above 90% for the correlation based feature selection method for the four classes of the dataset.

Key words: Features, Genetic Algorithm, Image Segmentation, Texture, Training.

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With thisfeedback, the system refinement method estimates global approximations and adjusts the similarityprobabilities.

Key words: XML, Genetic Algorithm, Neural Network, CBIR System, Relevance Feedback, GLCM Structure,Heuristic Algorithm


of the third international conference on genetic algorithms.

The immune algorithm (IA) approachis applied as an optimization technique andadapted to this PM optimization problem.

Key words: Universal generating function, Immunealgorithm, Optimization, Preventive Maintenance

[1] D.

Image hiding by optimal LSB substitution and genetic algorithm.

The objective is to developan algorithm to generate an optimal sequence ofmaintenance actions for providing a systemworking with the desired level of availability or(reliability) during its lifetime with minimalmaintenance cost.

We propose an optimization technique of FSMC using genetic algorithm.

In cryptography DES algorithm is used to encrypt a message and part of the message is hidden in 2DDCT of an image and the rest of the message will generate two secrete keys for the generation if high security.

Key words: Steganography, Cryptography, Datahiding, 2DDCT, DES algorithm

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Hybridization In Genetic Algorithm | International …

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Hybridization In Genetic Algorithm

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Genetic algorithm, hybridization, ..

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