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"The scientific term for what we are doing is called assisted migration."
In 2016 the Muskoka Watershed Council (north of Toronto) issued a report: .

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Similarly, what is the ethical or scientific justification for prohibiting or removing any organism simply because it never existed in a particular location, especially if that organism is now well‐matched with the location due to changes in climatic conditions?"Page 253: "Though this Article provides a preliminary framework for assessing both when to allow and how to manage experimentation with assisted migration, it more importantly explains how climate change reveals a host of value questions that remain unexplored in natural resource law and policy.

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For example, this is true for many studies that rely on species distribution modeling to test ecological hypotheses or for conservation assessments (e.g., to assess risks from future climate change).

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O'Neill is a geneticist with Vernon's Kalamalka Forestry Centre, and is overseeing forestry's biggest climate change research trial in North America." Note: O'Neill and other foresters in British Columbia may be
What O'Neill and colleagues are doing in British Columbia can be learned in the most detail in this article published in the scientific journal on 18 June 2009.