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Protein Synthesis –Translation (With Diagram)

To understand the oxygen-binding properties of hemoglobin, wewill focus briefly on the structure of the protein and the metalcomplexes embedded in it.

Protein Synthesis – transcription then translation

This is a molecular model of hemoglobin with the subunits displayed in the ribbon representation. A ribbon representation traces the backbone atoms of a protein and is often used to represent its three-dimensional structure. The four heme groups are displayed in the ball-and-stick representation.

It conveys genetic information from the DNA into the Ribosome where then the ribosomes tells which amino acid is needed to complete a fully functioning protein.

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Lynmarie Thompson, chemistry and M2M, was awarded a two year, $615,000 NIH grant entitled, "Assembly and Function of Bacterial Chemotaxis Receptor Signaling Complexes.” The goal of this project is to assemble native-like functional nanoarrays of chemotaxis receptor complexes and determine how the proteins change their structure and dynamics during signaling. Understanding signaling in this system may be useful for the development of novel antibiotics targeting similar signaling systems that are widespread in bacteria.

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As it is often used, the term protein synthesis typically excludes transcription and describes only the subsequent step of translation (see below).

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Gierasch stated, “The environment in a cell is extremely complex and challenging for the process of protein folding, leading to a need for a network of species that protect protein states that are susceptible to aggregation—the protein homeostasis network. We are working with colleagues and collaborators to understand the underlying mechanisms of protein homeostasis from the level of the molecular chaperone machines that act on protein clients to the coordinated action of the network in all of its complexity. We would love to witness and contribute to new discoveries related to these questions, both because of the fascinating basic science involved and because failures in these systems are implicated in a wide array of diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases.”

mRNA is broken off and leaves the nucleus to go to the ribosome

Protein synthesis consists of a number of stages including: preparing molecules for use by the ; attaching the ribosome molecule to the ; and the initiation, elongation and termination phases of translation.

The ribosomes have a 'groove' which the mRNA can fit into

Thus, hemoglobin's biological function is regulated by thechanging of the overall protein structure. This structure isaltered by the binding or releasing of CO2 and H+to the interfaces of the subunits in hemoglobin (Figure 8).