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because the salt water have a higher density and the egg beggins to float.

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show that some animals were mobile before the Cambrian Explosion. Sponges were probably the but they were immobile except for their flagella drawing water through them, which carried food and oxygen in and waste out. The first creatures that we would recognize as animals were probably worms crawling atop ocean sediments. As lowly as the worm might seem, it would have needed muscles, bilateral symmetry, a circulatory and digestive/excretory system, and a nervous system run by a brain; that distant ancestor probably possessed . Some early worms may have even had rudimentary eyes. And of possibly eonic importance, worms probably made the first poop. The evolution of may have been a seminal event in the organic carbon burial process. Sponges may have also been largely responsible for initially removing oceanic carbon, which helped increase atmospheric oxygen and helped ventilate the oceans. Until then, organic carbon from dead life forms would not have settled to the ocean floor, but would have floated in the water column and been recycled by other life forms. Although the hypothesis , feces sinking to the ocean floor may have been how life’s burial of carbon began, as well as robbing sulfate-reducing bacteria in the water column of their nutrients and thus enabling oceanic waters to remain oxygenated. Ediacaran fauna did not burrow into ocean sediments, but deep burrowing was characteristic of Cambrian sediments. There is debate today whether Cambrian burrowing was a of oxygenating the ocean floor.

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Related to buoyancy we did the following experiment where the egg sinks in plain water as the density of egg is more than that of water. However, when we add salt to the warm water, the density of water increases. This causes the egg to float a bit.

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Lastly, as the tablet dissolves and the chemicals react, its surface area decreases so that factor is no longer controlled. As well, as it dissolves it breaks up into small pieces so you have another problem, and it is hard to see when it is all dissolved as there are bits of gunk floating around. Lastly, sometimes the tablet floats on top of the bubbles on the surface of the water and the tablet can't get to the water.

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Investigating the Cryogenian Ice Age led to finding evidence of runaway effects causing dramatic environmental changes, and the Cryogenian Ice Age’s dynamics will be investigated and debated for many years. The position of Antarctica at the South Pole and the landlocked Arctic Ocean have been key variables in initiating the current ice age, and another continental configuration that could contribute to initiating an ice age is , which and . A hypothesis is that can accompany supercontinents, so warm water is not pushed to the poles as vigorously. A supercontinent near the equator would not normally have ice sheets, which means that would be enhanced and remove more carbon dioxide than usual. Those conditions could initiate an ice age, beginning at the poles. It would start out as sea ice, floating atop the oceans.

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Corrosion of iron in salt water is a popular context for an EEI. It is topical, it is of great economic importance, and it makes a great experiment. A common way of determining the corrosion rate is to measure the weight loss of an iron nail after a wee in salt water. However, to get reliable results, a balance with a precision of 0.01 mg is required since the weight loss is quite small over the week. And who has a spare $10000 to buy such a balance? But here’s a good spectrophotometric method that can be done with some simple chemicals and a phone with a colour analyser app.

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An after dinner drink called a Pousse Cafe is made from bottom to top, red grenadine, yellow chartreuse and green chartreuse. This can be simulated by coloring sugar water of different concentrations. It demonstrates how less dense liquids float on more dense liquids, if they're kept from mixing by carefully and slowing pouring them.