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It contains a lot of information about fatty acids and other lipid compounds.

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Another indication for a sponge cell origin of these compounds is the majorpresence (7-15 % of the total) of -nonadecanoic acid(16-methyloctadecanoic acid), an exotic compound that has not yet been reportedas a major fatty acid in bacteria.

It has been found that is able to synthesizediso-C15 and iso-C17 and that these branched-chain fatty acids are essential forthe animal growth and development ().

This fatty acid methyl esterwas shown to be an intercellular signal active via a volatile phase.

Fatty-acid biosynthesis in man, a pathway of minor importance

These compounds (namedcaeliferins) are composed of saturated and monounsaturated sulfated a-hydroxyfatty acids in which the w-carbonis substituted with a sulfated hydroxyl group ().

The biological production of w-hydroxy fatty acids represents an emerging biotechnology ().

The oil is also used as a fixative in cosmetic preparations and for coloring foodstuffs and beverages.

A large array of hydroxylated fatty acids deriving from linoleic acid,

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Moreover, fatty acid partial structures or functional groups can also be searched for, using the "delta-notation" system of chemists as described above.

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The use of the database is mostly straightforward and self-explanatory but several examples for search operations have been published to help anybody interested in seed oils and their fatty acid composition ().

A comprehensive database of melting points of fatty acids, collected from the literature and from original measurements has been reported ().

There are two basic types of fatty acid (FAS) biosynthesis ..

A newly developed methodology for the fast selection of descriptors in quantitative structure–property relationships analysis of 62 fatty acids was also proposed.
A graphical chart of the oxidative degradation of fatty acids may be found on the web site or the .

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The lipid portion of the endotoxin, lipid A, is chemically distinct from allother lipids in biological membranes and consists of characteristic 3-hydroxyfatty acids, primarily with carbon chain lengths from 10 to 18, attached tohydroxyl and amino groups of a disaccharide backbone. It has been proposedthat 3-hydroxy fatty acid quantification may be employed as biomarkers ofendotoxins and Gram-negative bacterial community in atmospheric aerosols ().

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The database allows to search for plant species, genera and families, for individual fatty acids (start by adding an asterisk after each entry) and combinations of fatty acids in their seed oils, and for their percentage contents.

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et al., J Agric Food Chem 2005, 53, 469), this fungal LPS reversingthe immuno-regulating properties exerted by bacterial LPS.
It must be noticed that 3-hydroxypalmitic acid methyl ester has been shown to bea very potent autoregulator compound controlling virulence in thephytopathogenic bacterium ().