Photosystem II: The Water-Splitting Enzyme of Photosynthesis

Now we need to understand how cells can use the products ofphotosynthesis to obtain energy.

Enzymes and protein complexes needed in photosynthesis

Whats the point? So what, we can make mathmatical models of enzyme reactions driving photosynthesis. Why do you think we should care about all of this? (If you are having trouble I suggest you take a deep breath!)

What enzyme regulates the step immediately prior to the one catalyzed by Rubisco?

How is the RuBisCo enzyme involved in photosynthesis?

The photocatalyst–enzyme coupled system for artificial photosynthesis process is one of the most promising methods of solar energy conversion for the synthesis of organic chemicals or fuel. Here we report the synthesis of a novel graphene-based visible light active photocatalyst which covalently bonded the chromophore, such as multianthraquinone substituted porphyrin with the chemically converted graphene as a photocatalyst of the artificial photosynthesis system for an efficient photosynthetic production of formic acid from CO2. The results not only show a benchmark example of the graphene-based material used as a photocatalyst in general artificial photosynthesis but also the benchmark example of the selective production system of solar chemicals/solar fuel directly from CO2.

What enzyme catalyses the reaction immediately following the one catalyzed by Rubisco?

In the presence of the enzyme Rubisco,one molecule of CO2 is combined with one molecule of RuBP, and the first product of this reaction is two molecules of PGA.

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