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Abstract of Ph.D Thesis (Kogut Lior)-Mechanical Engineering

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Abu Bakar

Data Collection
Samples of abstract – manually processed and separated, labeled based the move(MI-M5)
1000 abstracts from year 1999-2011
Normally in 1 page, consists of 5 sentences up to 26 sentences.
Histogram of manual analysis on quality of abstract content
Problem Statement
Many students having a problem in producing a good abstract.

Sample Dissertation Abstracts ..

Electronics Projects for Final Year Engineering …

The scope only for engineering students
The format will be based on Santo's Move
Abstract writing is in English Language only
Abstract Index Formulation
Future Work
Manual abstract analysis is done
Finalizing keywords for sentence labelling according to Santo's Move
Framework implementation
Complete testing

Civil engineering thesis abstract

Data of the thesis and the PDF files are also available through the INSSI database.If you grant permission for publishing, the thesis abstract and/or full text will also be published.

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