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Over a series of 3 intense dreams in 1985, I saw the end. It came as a comet. This was well before astronomers began to appreciate the potential menace they posed to the earth, so I do not believe these intense dreams were influenced by something I heard in media reports – because there were none at that time! I did not know when this would happen as it was not reveled during those dreams in 1985. Then in another intense dream in 1999, the year was given, not directly, but by extrapolation. 2017 is the year.
I do not know the day or the hour, but just prior, there will be a worldwide cluster of UFO’s sightings. Why they will come I do not know. But the attention of humanity will be turned skyward because of these sightings. Then a sign will be revealed in the sky for all to know, it’s message will be conveyed directly to the minds of all who witness it. The message will reveal man’s current path of earthly & spiritual self destruction and also offer a choice away from it. The message also revealed that I too would die physically. There are two significant personal events in my life that would take place prior to end. One of them came to pass in 2008, and still other details that are just too bizarre to discuss, lest my sanity and propensity towards delusion on the matter be called into question. You and I have arrived at the same year, but by different means. One more detail I think is significant. Great fear and a physical darkness will prevail over humanity as the last moments of our collective lives appear to be imminently extinguished as news of the unstoppable comets approach will be worldwide. Except for one group. As I was walking down a hill in a dark forest weeping in anguish over a great personal loss, I came upon a group of people praying with a priest. All knelling in humble adoration of the creator. There was a beautiful clear light over them and a blue sky in the backdrop. This was set on level ground (not the hill I was on) among well groomed greens fields. A palpable tranquil peace was present. There was no fear among them and they exuded a quiet joy as they welcomed me to join them in prayer. I felt safe and as if I arrived where I was intended to be.

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After the man-child is caught up, the woman flees into the wilderness. So in Matthew 24, after the period spoken of as the beginning of birth-pains, which synchronizes with Revelation 12:2, we hear of affliction and hatred, of offence and betrayal, of false prophets who deceive. At the same time a gospel activity is indicated, witnessing to all nations before the end comes.

This may be a sixth proof that the end time generation is in fact a period of 120 years JUST LIKE the last generation of Noah’s day that ended with the flood. If this is in fact a revelation of God, then we have only a few years before the tribulation comes upon the unsusppecting world.