We will study photosynthesis in an aquatic plant (Elodea) ..

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Look at the chromatogram in . Green leaves contain a mixture of photosynthetic pigments. These include two types of chlorophyll, known as chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b. The others pigments belong to a group of compounds called . Incidentally, larger samples of these individual pigments can be obtained by column chromatography, for example. Such samples may be large enough to investigate the properties of individual pigment molecules.

The usual technique when working with Elodea photosynthesis is to capture thegas evolved in an inverted, water-filled test tube.

Photosynthesis in Elodea Lab Essay

A culture of Chlorella, a unicellular alga, was used in these experiments, in place of mesophyll cells. This was because they have similar photosynthesis and they allow easy sampling. Samples of the photosynthesising cells, taken at frequent intervals after a pulse of 14CO2 had been given were harvested and analysed. The intermediates that became progressively labelled with the carbon-14 were isolated by chromatography and then identified.

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Another way to utilize NilocG Enhance Seachem Flourish Excel for bioavailable carbon (CO2) in a better, staggered way, rather than all at once, is a calibrated drip system.
In this experiment I was able to get 20 drops per minute. I measured 20 drops and this was equal to a ¼ tsp. So 4 minutes would equal 1 tsp. There are 6 tsp in one fluid ounce. So at this rate you will go through a ounce in 24 minutes. Add the correct dosage for your aquarium size then add the water (RO or DI water is best to mix with Flourish).

Example: For a 50 gallon planted aquarium you would add one capful (5 mL) of Flourish Excel (or 5 mL of NilocG Enhance). Then, depending upon how long you would like to stagger the drip would determine the amount of water. For this example I would suggest 20 oz. of water to mix for 8 hours of drip (24 minutes per ounce x 20 ounces water/Flourish Excel solution).
With larger containers, longer dosing times can be achieved.
However, even though Flourish Excel or Enhance can remain active for 24 hours, from my experience I would suggest 8 hours for best results (keeping in mind that CO2 is not utilized by plants after dark as they use oxygen instead during non-photosynthetic periods).

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