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Progression of Students

Students’ progress and promotion depend on their passing the examinations in the subjects specified by the respective Postgraduate Course, as well as their participation in the overall research, writing and educational activities and obligations foreseen in the Postgraduate Curriculum framework.

9-1-2018 · OVERVIEW B. Ann Boyce. PREPARATION OF TEACHERS Murray Mitchell. OVERVIEW "Physical education is the study, practice, …

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This mark results either solely from the mark received on the written and/or oral exams at the end of each semester, or from a combination of the mark received on examinations and the mark resulting from the participation of students in various educational activities (laboratory exercises, tutorials, writing of assignments, etc).

09/01/2018 · OVERVIEW B. Ann Boyce. PREPARATION OF TEACHERS Murray Mitchell. OVERVIEW "Physical education is the study, practice, and appreciation of …

The qualification requirements of the teaching staff of universities and institutions of professional higher education are treated separately because their tasks differ.

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Higher Education Institutions in Greece have the following mission:

a) To promote knowledge through research and teaching, to prepare students to use the acquired knowledge at their professional life and to boost arts and culture.

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For the accomplishment of their mission, all institutions are organised and operate based on the following principles:

a) freedom in teaching and research,

b) the research and scientific ethics,

c) the quality of education and of the services provided,

d) the efficiency in managing stuff, resources and infrastructures,

e) the transparency in all of their activities,

f) the impartiality during the actions they take and the decision making.

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In case of medical training, veterinary training, pharmacist training, dentistry training, architectural studies, civil engineering studies and teachers’ training for general teachers, study is based on integrated curricula of Bachelor's and Master's study and gives the qualification of the second level of academic higher education.

structure of the higher education system in greece

It is important that the objectives and learning outcomes of the curricula are in correlation with the learning outcomes of the higher education level and through that also with the qualification framework: objectives and learning outcomes must be phrased in a way that they would enable the assessment of the knowledge and skills of a graduate of the curriculum; the name and structure of the curriculum and manner of carrying out study (teaching time, practice, individual work) must support the achievement of the objectives of the curriculum.