Ecological studies : analysis and synthesis

Ecological studies : analysis and synthesis. Springer-Verlag. Other Title. Ecological studies

Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis …

In a new study published in the journal Bioscience, Stephanie Hampton, deputy director of NCEAS, and her colleague, ecologist John N. Parker, examine the history of scientific synthesis and provide some insight into the importance of the research undertaken at NCEAS. They also explain the factors that have led to the many successful working groups at NCEAS, including face-to-face, collaborative interaction between scientists from multiple institutions.

National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis:

In their study, "Collaboration and Productivity in Scientific Synthesis," Hampton and Parker explain how the NSF idea spawned a successful incubator of scientific research. "By 2005," Hampton and Parker wrote, "the center had risen into the top 1 percent of the 38,000 institutions worldwide publishing in ecology and environmental sciences in terms of scientific impact. The average impact factor for NCEAS publications is substantially higher than the average for top ecology journals, and two of the three most influential publications on the ecological response to climate change in 2010 were NCEAS products."

NCEAS is a unique institution with an explicit mission to foster synthesis and analysis, turn information into understanding and, through effective collaboration, alter how science is conducted.