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Body language is usually a combination of culturally trained responses and individual responses.

On Language: The Dual- and Single-Route Theories.

Just as became a strategy for extinction for the world’s megafauna when a , forests are the that Earth has ever seen. Trees are Earth’s “megaflora,” and they suffered the same fate as megafauna wherever civilization appeared. When humans became sedentary, they razed local forests to gain building materials and fuel, and the freshly deforested land worked wonderfully for raising crops, at least until the soils were ruined from nutrient depletion, erosion, salination, and other insults. Domesticated cattle pulled the first plows, which . When humans , beginning about 8 kya, deforestation was easier, so a dynamic arose in the Fertile Crescent in which bronze axes easily deforested the land. The exposed soil was then worked with draft animals pulling bronze plows, and this increased crop yields but also increased erosion. That complex of deforestation, crops, draft animals, and smelted metals yielded great short-term benefits but was far from sustainable, as it devastated the ecosystems and soils and also impacted the hydrological cycle, which gradually turned forests into deserts. Earth was also deforested by the enormously energy-intensive Bronze Age smelting of metal. During the Mediterranean region's Bronze Age, the standard unit of copper production was the (because it was worth about one ox), which weighed between 20 and 30 kilograms. It took six tons of charcoal to smelt one ingot, which required 120 pine trees, or 1.6 hectares (four acres) of trees. Kilns for making pottery also required vast amounts of wood. Wood met many energy needs of early Old World civilizations, which were all voracious consumers of wood.

English idioms in the first language and second language lexicon: a dual representation approach

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Two major events happened soon after appeared, and their sequence seems to support the Cooking Hypotheses. The first of which was the migration of from Africa ; they spread to and by 1.8 mya (perhaps 1.6 mya in the case of Java), and . It was the , and may have become the first multi-continental member of the human line, and certainly the first widespread one. Favorable climates and a lower Himalaya range and Tibetan Plateau may have encouraged that migration. Unlike Miocene apes that began to migrate from Africa 16.5 mya, there was no unbroken forest to sustain journey to East Asia. Those migrants would have to sleep on the ground for much of the journey and were not adapted for sleeping in trees, . From today’s viewpoint, it may seem that they were adventurers, but as will also become obvious with the spread of , in one individual’s lifetime, there was probably only modest movement, expanding into the next uninhabited valley or two. Such an expansion happened one valley at a time, one generation at a time, to make it across a continent in a few thousand years for those that could adapt to changing biomes. Migrating at the same latitude would not have presented great climatic issues. As those migrations happened during the ice age, they were along southern Eurasia. There is no evidence yet that ever made it to Australia, probably because of the ocean crossing required for passage.

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My adventures after the 1980s were milder, even though I , but I have had too much adventure and I am . As I stepped back periodically, during the quiet times, I reflected on our experiences and what our fellow travelers reported, and my views gradually changed. My initial orientation was , and that I got it the same year as my mystical awakening was likely significant for evolving my current perspective. Three years later, that , and I began developing the businessman’s perspective long before . My years with Dennis were about trying to make those teenage dreams a reality. I soon realized that my misled me about inventors in general. Nearly all , not to help the world. I never met an altruistic inventor. I soon saw many unethical and criminal acts engaged in by Dennis’s “allies.” When I told Dennis how shocking it was to see, .

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Severe Disability A severe disability is one that makes it very difficult for an individual to perform activities that are typical for a person of the individual's own age.

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Vulnerable Adults Persons 18 years of age or older who: are a resident of a facility; receive licensed services from a home care provider or personal care assistant provider; or regardless of residence or if any service is received, have physical or mental infirmity or other physical, mental or emotional dysfunction, that impairs the individual's ability to provide adequately for his or her own care without assistance, including the provision of food, shelter, clothing, health care or supervision, and/or because of the dysfunction or infirmity and need for assistance, the individual has an impaired ability to protect him/herself from maltreatment.

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It stated that no school-aged child could be denied a "free appropriate public education." Students with disabilities must be taught in the "least restrictive environment." The law set up the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as a way for parents and students to have more control over their own education.