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Razor is based on additive synthesis, with up to 320 partials (individual sine waves). While additive synthesis has a reputation for being a tad 'scientific', Razor is very friendly, presented in the guise of a typical modern synth, with two oscillators, twin filters, and three effects sections: Dissonance, Stereo and Dynamics.

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I’m interested in what you have built here

It's based on adual synthesis engine ( 1substractive oscillator + 2 wave players),completed with several randomization options and a battery of built-ineffects.

A modelled emulation of the exquisitely rare RSF PolyKobol 2 analogue synthesizer, PolyKB III is a three-oscillator, dual filter analogue-style polysynth with a matrix-driven modulation system, a built-in polyphonic sequencer, a handful of effects, and an interface that’s more intuitive than it looks.