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Franklin Roosevelt knew of the Pearl Harbor at least attack 6 weeks before it happened

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To get right to the point, there is no real way to know whether your answers are just imaginings or real answers from the subconscious except by proving up! Just keep practicing and watching for those times when you can prove up on your deviceless dowsing quickly. Keep a journal or log book to record your experiences and soon a pattern will evolve to show whether you are on the right track or not.

Recently I participated in the building of a labyrinth where I was instructed to dowse for every rock placed in the labyrinth to make sure "it wanted to be there". When I asked why, I was politely told that the instructions had been channeled from the "Elementals", so I needed to follow the instructions. My dowsing indicated that rocks didn't care how they were used, but I didn't want to argue with someone who had channeled information from the Elementals! What should I do in a situation like this?
Bjorn Aghain

Dear Bjorn,
Sounds like a case of psychic one-up-man's-ship. This is a fallacy that evokes awe in born again New Ager's and haunts many old dowsers who should know better. The idea is that because information was obtained through a "higher" (read more difficult) method, then the accuracy of the information gathered is of course much better. There is not a shred of evidence to support this. In fact, there is much more variation in the accuracy of different practitioners of psychic skills than in the methods employed by them. So it matters little whether information is obtained with a dowsing rod, a Ouija board or channeled direct from the Head Elemental, accuracy is more affected by the state of mind and physical condition of the practitioner. And since we are all human and all subject to error, all or part of the information that filters through us may have errors. When we are unable to prove up our dowsing, our dowsed information is often taken on faith. It is in this kind of dowsing especially, when we must take our own dowsing with a grain of salt, and resist the temptation to force our dowsed information on others as if it were proven fact. If you dowsed that the rocks didn't care one way or the other, whose dowsing is more valid? How could we make that judgment? On what criteria would we base it if results could not be proven up?
There are often significant discrepancies between dowsers when dowsing earth energy. Many of the energy patterns are poorly defined and little understood. Couple this with the natural inclination to interpret the unknown through our personal experience and it is no wonder that the location of earth energy often results in different responses from different dowsers. In this case it would have been better if each person was allowed to decide for him or herself what to dowse in building the labyrinth, and then to accept the dowsing as valid only for him or herself. Each person should be given the opportunity to develop their own dowsing /psychic talents without being made to feel inadequate by more experienced dowsers or psychics.

I have been doing a lot of outside dowsing as the weather has warmed up, and find it more difficult to dowse at mid-day when the sun is right overhead. Is there something to this or is it all in my head?
Nancy Caputi

Dear Nancy,
Yes, it is probably all in your head, because that is where the pineal gland is located! This area of the brain was isolated years ago by Z.V.

It is recorded that the dowsing rod was used not only to track ..

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Imperfect as it may be, dowsing is a doorway to mankind's highest potential. We stand as explorers on the shore of a new continent, wondering at the strangeness of this place and yet captured by it's power and elegance. It is a big land, this continent of consciousness, and we need many explorers willing to take a chance on a simple idea called dowsing.

Dowsing is only as useful as we are consistent in our results. (or a good dowser brings his own shovel!) With this in mind we should probably look at the dowsers that have a respectable track record of accuracy and see what they are doing different, if anything, to that end. Those dowsers that have good track records of accuracy have almost always specialized to do most of their dowsing in one particular area. There are good water dowsers, good oil dowsers, and many accurate dowsers in nutrition and health. From observation, I find very few dowsers that are good in all of these. Good dowsers tend to specialize in one particular area of expertise. This seems to have a couple of spin offs that may make the dowsing done easier and more accurate.
1.) In the familiar search, the questioning becomes almost automatic. It becomes easy to use the questions you need for the purpose and avoid the confusion and left brain struggle of formulating the correct question for the search. Constantly dealing with new questions is more awkward and requires a greater degree of concentration and lack of distraction.
2.) Repeated familiarity with the object of search brings greater knowledge of how and where it is found, leading to better questioning and a greater understanding of the object of search.
3:) The often repeated question, so easily sliding off the tongue, begins to take on the subtle effects of a mantra, allowing the mind to quickly slide into the synchronous state necessary for accurate dowsing.

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You might get lucky and find a diamond chunk washed down a stream bed, now dry, leaving the diamond on the surface. It is far more likely that the locations you are drawn to will have small pieces of diamond, scattered under several feet or even several tens of feet of overburden, usually hard clay! Be specific in your questioning about location below the surface. How far below the surface to what concentration of diamond. Ask for the total quantity in a given area at that depth below the surface or in however many cubic yards of material you plan to excavate. You might also try map dowsing as well as field dowsing to better survey the area in question. Do this with no distractions around and a settled mind not overly excited about the prospects of getting rich on a vacation!

something different this time [although there has been some coverage of dowsing in the blog ..

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Water may fill the contraction cracks around the basalt of a volcanic intrusion, resulting in a ring of water if the intrusion is vertical. An easily missed source is a zone of saturated material captured between parallel fractures. This may or may not have sufficient recharge to accommodate the needs of the client, but should not be overlooked.
It is true that within a given geology, certain aspects of the underground structure limit what can happen to the water. Most drillers will have a good idea of these patterns, because if you drill at random, this is what you will find. This will back up the hydrologists theories and provides the basis for wide area predictions of catchment and water "production". The times when, by chance, a large flow of water is intercepted, the driller is likely to dismiss this event as an unexplainable inconsistency, but without much merit because it is unpredictable! Dowsers know these "chance" water sources are not that rare, but generally take dowsing to locate. We dowsers sometimes tend to look our noses down at the local driller, when we should be gleaning all the information we can from him. Water is where you find it. I would only urge other dowsers who have occasion to look for water, to be aware that the water flowing into a well does not necessarily need to come from a "vein" of water. Let's all keep our minds open and be willing to let the dowsing rods lead us into unexpected territory!

This is the first time I have ever written to ask for advice. I'm usually a very independent person and can figure things out on my own. This time however, I just don't know where to go with this. I have been able to locate water and pipes using dowsing, so I began checking out several acreage we are interested in. This took all of one Saturday, off and on, and I found myself getting real shaky, like I was sick or something. The feeling slowly went away, but now I'm afraid of dowsing too much, as I might be seriously upsetting my nervous system. What's going on here and what can I do to avoid the "shakes".
Ben Wagoner

Your condition is not unusual and not serious. I'm assuming of course you're not experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a chemical abuse. Dowsing is a new way for most of us to use the nervous system, and we will fatigue the system quickly as beginners. It's just like a physical work-out in an effort to get in shape, we often feel sick and shaky until our body becomes conditioned to the higher level of physical demands. If we continue to dowse after we begin to notice some discomfort, our dowsing accuracy will also probably suffer. A general rule of thumb is to rest when we notice symptoms like you described, for a time equal to the time you were dowsing. This doesn't mean you need to lie down in bed, just switch to activities other than dowsing that result in a minimum of mental or physical stress. As you dowse more often, you will find you can tolerate longer and longer periods of dowsing without discomfort. Through contact with other dowsers and study on your own you will also learn some advanced techniques that will speed up the search process and render your dowsing both more accurate and less fatiguing.

I seem to be able to get accurate dowsing responses when I'm dowsing alone, but when I try to show my friends what dowsing can do I'm inevitably wrong! I know trying to demonstrate dowsing and prove it's accuracy makes me nervous, but still want to share the skill and convince others that dowsing is worth working at. What can I do to get around this?
Titan Knotts

Dear Titan,
We dowsers often face "prove up" anxiety. We trust our dowsing, yet we don't. We know there are inaccuracies in dowsing and are anxious about being tested, as this might show a weakness in our dowsing ability or shake our confidence in the dowsing process to locate a test object. As I related in a past dowsing article, we are always dealing with both scientific experimentation and a belief structure about our dowsing. When we let a dowsing experiment become a personal challenge, it can become a direct reflection of our general competence as well as our dowsing ability and sets us up for failure. It can also threaten our not so firmly held beliefs about the efficacy of dowsing. Since dowsing is still somewhat suspect in the general community, we might see our chance of failing publicly as a high risk proposition, where we may be seen as ingenuous or compromising our integrity.