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“So much of my ministry over the last decade can be traced back to my doctoral studies at Southern Seminary. I developed trust and respect for the men I serve under now, Dr. Rainer and Dr. Waggoner. And by God’s grace, my dissertation became the foundation for my first book, Simple Church. The learning and the community was rich, and the Lord used my time at Southern to develop in me a deeper love for the bride of Christ and a greater sense of awe for his Word.”

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Southern Seminary professors are at the forefront of evangelical scholarship and part of doctoral studies at Southern involves learning to contribute to scholarly discussion through publication. Our doctoral programs are intentionally designed to encourage ongoing publication among both faculty and students.

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In cooperation with distinguished international academics from leading universities, the Study Center Gerzensee offers three types of doctoral courses.

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The offers training in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. The material covered corresponds to the curriculum of the core courses in a top U.S. style Ph.D.-program. Established in 1994, the goal of the program is to familiarize first-year doctoral students affiliated with Swiss universities with the tools to conduct frontier academic research. Teaching is in English.

Stephen Hawking makes his doctoral thesis available …

“The Doctor of Educational Ministry program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is a great blend of being academically challenging yet practically focused for a ministry setting. One of the program’s strengths is its commitment to being biblically and theologically sound in every area of ministry. The genuine love for Christ shown by the professors and students creates an encouraging community of learning.”

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Yun Luan first arrived in Tarragona to take part in the Spanish programme for Chinese students that the URV has been running since 2005. Yun Luan studied the last two academic years of her degree in Tarragona as a student on this programme and, when she finished, she returned to China to work at the Zhejiang University of International Studies. There she taught Spanish and set up the institution’s Department of Spanish. In 2014 she decided to return to Tarragona to do her doctoral thesis in the framework of the doctoral programme in Humanistic Studies under the supervision of Esther Forgas, director of the URV’s Centre for Hispanic Studies. Currently there are a dozen Chinese teachers of Spanish who are studying for a doctorate at the University.

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This is the first doctoral thesis produced by a former student of the , which started in 2015 and is a great success in terms of student numbers. For its originality and pedagogical approach, the programme was awarded the Vicens Vives Prize for Teaching Excellence in 2011. After her time at the URV, the now doctor Yun Luan highlights the quality of the programme because “it responds to the students’ needs and the classes are very useful”.

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