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DNA synthesis is the natural or artificial creation of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules

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It’s not far-fetched to imagine all-in-one DNA data systems, in which the binary data are fed in at one end, synthesised into DNA and stored, then extracted, sequenced and sent out the other end as binary data once again. “We are working on architectures that integrate the synthesiser, the actual "library" and the reader/sequencer, with the goal of developing a complete system,” says Ceze.

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The second barrier is technical: DNA synthesis and sequencing techniques can each introduce certain types of errors, and the code that translates the 1s and 0s into DNA letters needs to be crafted so as to eliminate these.

What raw materials are needed to build a dna segment using a dna synthesiser ?

Since those two seminal studies, the cost has come down significantly, particularly for DNA sequencing. Synthesis still has some catching up to do. Right now it costs 10 cents per letter to synthesise DNA (three if you’re buying in bulk). Twist Bioscience CEO Emily LeProust estimates that will have to fall to 0.001 cents per letter before DNA can realistically compete with magnetic tape for long-term storage. A big infusion of cash and a lucrative market outlook might provide the needed impetus.

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