Photosynthesis And Respiration Diagram

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Venn Diagram Of Photosynthesis And Respiration

(The process of photosynthesis is explained
in more detail in my prediction)

Although light intensity seems to be the major factor affecting the
size of ivy leaves, there may have been some influence from other
abiotic factors that have also been measured and taken into account in
this experiment.

So the photosynthesizing leaf loses substantial amount of water by evaporation.

of photosynthesis and respiration by creating a …

Thus the reactions of the light-dependent stage of photosynthesis
provide a source of reducing power (NADPH) and the universal
energy-supplying molecule ATP, with oxygen gas given off as a waste

Two ways the plant does this is to firstly, increase the size of its leaves and secondly to produce more photosynthetic pigment.

Transpiration is the evaporation or loss of water by plants; it occurs
chiefly at the leaves while their stomata are open for the passage of
CO2 and O2 during photosynthesis.

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During these reactions the photosynthetic pigments of the chloroplast
absorb light energy and give out excited electrons used to synthesise