the democratic peace thesis is “the closest ..

This article seeks to explain the influence of the democratic-peace thesis on ..

Hermeneutical Mechanism: The Democratic-Peace ..

Critics, such as Ido Oren, dispute the claims of democratic peace theorists by insisting that there is a liberal bias in the interpretation of 'democracy' which weakens the evidence.

In what ways does the ‘democratic peace thesis’ express the essential principles of liberal theory in international relations

The Democratic Peace Theory Essay Sample - …

For a general philosophical account, download Terry Nardin's article on The Moral Basis of Humanitarian Intervention (pdf), courtesy of the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies (CGPACS) at the University of California, Irvine.

Application of the democratic peace to territorial conflict in the 20th century. Presents a massive new data set on territorial conflicts.

Ray, James Lee. Democracy and International Conflict: An Evaluation of the Democratic Peace Proposition. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1995.

Is the ‘Democratic Peace’ thesis a convincing theory, ..

Realism and Liberalism in International Relations

Embedded the democratic peace in a larger theoretical framework, the Kantian Peace, in which democracy, trade, international organization, and peace all mutually reinforce each other. Presented more sophisticated empirical tests, addressing many 1990s theoretical and empirical critiques. Also see .

Political Science and Government

5-41, is an important defense of the continued relevance of realpolitik for any adequate understanding of the phenomena of war and peace in international relations.

The International Relations Theory Web Site ..

The first book-length treatment of the democratic peace. Lays out the normative and institutional explanations of the democratic peace and presents a variety of different forms of rigorous evidence demonstrating the dyadic democratic peace, including sophisticated analysis of post-1945 conflict behavior.

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As such, they rest on a similar hypothesis: that relations between pairings of democratic states are inherently more peaceful than relations between other regime-type pairings (i.e.

Liberalism (international relations)/Pluralism

Russett, Bruce. Grasping the Democratic Peace: Principles for a Post–Cold War World. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1993.

Liberalism (or Pluralism) is another international relations theory

To prove the reality of the democratic peace, theorists such as Michael Doyle have sought to show a causal relationship between the independent variable - 'democratic political structures at the unit level' - and the dependant variable - 'the asserted absence of war between democratic states'.

A Democratic Peace Revisited - Measuring Democracy …

(Posted 1/25/05) Edmund Santurri examines the moral evaluation of terrorism in "Philosophical Ambiguities in Ostensibly Unambiguous Times" (pdf) -- courtesy of the author and The Journal of Peace and Justice Studies, Vol.