The Covariance Function or Variogram

Regularizing Over a Constant Thickness

Change in Support (Block Kriging)

The generalpractice when one is faced with an oddly shaped block is to estimate thegrade and variance of regular blocks within the oddly-shaped block, thencombine the estimates to give a single grade and variance (Journel andHuijbregts, 1978).

Grade and Vein Thickness Semi-variogramModeling

Development of Kriging Methodology

The average grade decreases from 14.94 g/tonneto 12.46 g/tonne (a 17 % decrease).

Resource Estimation Results and Discussion

The people of Wallsend were no strangers to having their loved ones ripped away from them. Over the previous 53 years ten separate explosions had caused a total of 91 deaths, but 18 June 1835 went down in Tyneside history as the date of the worst disaster the town had ever suffered. Much has been written about this tragedy but is a contemporary version, so contemporary that the death toll in the title is premature and sadly incomplete. The original was a humble chapbook, printed cheaply for a poor public hungry for affordable reading material, preferably of a sensational nature. In 24 pages with ever-decreasing print size, the anonymous author managed to squeeze in not just the advertised full account of the explosion but also of the ensuing rescue efforts, the funerals and the inquest that was quickly set up in order to try and find out why what should have been a day like any other turned into a nightmare of desolation and despair.

Using Confidence Limits in Risk Analysis

Using Confidence Limits in Makinga Production Decision

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Jane Haslam looks at the story behind one of the most remarkable items in The London Library’s collection – an original, and extremely rare, copy of one of the three editions of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses known to have been printed in 1517.

Semi-variograms were calculated for gradeand vein thickness.

The covariance structure can be anisotropic, meaning thatthere can be many different covariance functions that describe the covariancestructure along different orientations.

Ordinary block kriging was chosen as the appropriatekriging method.

However, a pair of points that are separated by a distance are independent,but also correlated through a certain spatial structure known as the variogram.

Estimated thickness ranged from 0.77 metresto 3.81 metres.

For example, variables spaced inthe horizontal direction might follow a certain covariance function, whilethose spaced in the vertical direction might follow another.

Thickness variance ranged between 0.0014 m2and 0.37 m2.

The variogram function is discontinuous in that at a verysmall separation distance, the variogram function equals a certain valueknown as the nugget value.

The mean grade was used to calculate the remnantblock resources.

The works of E.M. Forster are part of our shared cultural heritage. When I re-read A Room With a View, Howards End or Maurice I see the Merchant Ivory films of the 1990s but Forster’s works continue to surface as cultural touchstones, as this new adaptation shows, because they are written on the fault lines of class, gender, sexuality and empire. Less well known than his novels and the Merchant Ivory films is Forster’s long association with The London Library. His connection to the Library lasted an astonishing 66 years and followed the trajectory of his writing life. He joined as a life member in 1904 at the age of 25; became a committee member over 30 years later, serving in the post for thirteen years and then lent the weight of his name to the Library by accepting an honorary position as Vice-President in 1960: a post he held for a decade until his death in 1970.