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30, the (the authentic writings) of the apostles were read in the churches.

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The Complutensian editors gave Greek version of the sentence from Latin writers; the British writer brought forward by Erasmus gave ; the Greek translator of the Council of Lateran ; the interpolator of the Montfortian Manuscript .V.

This was done in and by the Spirit of God, according to the Saviour's declaration.

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—, () · , — (), ) I have long ago explained the form employed in the margin of my edition, and blamed by some one, although the whole dissertation in the Apparatus itself was prepared for a true vindication of the passage.

On September 16, 1970, she writes to a religious friend: “Our poor Lord, He has saved us with so much love and He is so little understood! so little loved! so badly served! – It is painful to see such great confusion, and in so many persons who occupy places of responsibility! … for us, we must try, as much as it is possible for us, to make reparation through a still more intimate union with the Lord … It pains me to see what you are saying, but now, that is happening around here also! … The fact is that the devil has succeeded in bringing in evil under the appearance of good, and the blind are beginning to lead others … This is like the Lord told us in His Gospel, and souls allow themselves to be taken in. Gladly I sacrifice myself and offer God my life for peace in His Church, for priests and for all consecrated souls, especially for those who are so deceived and misguided!”

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Now the number of these witnesses was three, there being so many persons in the Godhead; and such a number being sufficient, according to law, for the establishing of any point: to which may be added, that they were witnesses in heaven, not to the heavenly inhabitants, but to men on earth; they were so called, because they were in heaven, and from thence gave out their testimony; and which shows the firmness and excellency of it, it being not from earth, but from heaven, and not human, but divine; to which may be applied the words of Job, in ; it follows, and these three are one; which is to be understood, not only of their unity and agreement in their testimony, they testifying of the same thing, the sonship of Christ; but of their unity in essence or nature, they being the one God.

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As examples of doctrines belonging to the third paragraph, one can point in general to teachings set forth by the authentic ordinary Magisterium in a non-definitive way, which require degrees of adherence differentiated according to the mind and the will manifested; this is shown especially by the nature of the documents, by the frequent repetition of the same doctrine, or by the tenor of the verbal expression.[39]

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Coming to examples of teachings of the third category, we find ourselves at a strange loss. For whatever reason, DC gives us no specific examples of doctrines belonging to non-definitive ordinary magisterium. Instead, referencing the paragraph numbering of the Professio Fidei, the commentary gives us the following description of the authentic magisterium:

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For the first three, that is not said to signify heaven to be the place of their testifying; for though the same thing concerning Jesus be also no doubt testified to the glorious inhabitants of that world, yet that is not the apostle’s present scope, but to show what reason we have, who inhabit this world, to believe Jesus to be Christ, and the Son of God.