David Nirenberg's Communities of Violence

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David Nirenberg, Communities of violence

But, as David Nirenberg argues in this ground-breaking study, to confine anit-Judaism to the margins of our culture is to be dangerously complacent. Anti-Judaism is not an irrational closet in the vast edifice of Western thought, but rather one of the basic tools with which that edifice was constructed.

David Nirenberg/Communities of Violence ..

David nirenberg communities of violence

In his text, Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages, historian David Nirenberg addresses the persecution of Jews, Muslims and lepers that occurred during the Shepherd's Crusade of 1320 and 1321 in the south of France and in the crown of Aragon (Spain).

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Using at least FOUR specific examples (whether stories of particular individuals or
certain types of relationships discussed in our texts), compare and analyze differences in how sexual boundaries between members of different religious communities were drawn. You should consider at least ONE of these issues: differences in how men’s conduct and women’s conduct was regulated, differences between the laws or practices of different religious communities, differences between the status of majority and minority populations, and/or differences dependent on the social status of individuals (for example, slaves, prostitutes, nobles, rulers).
You should use material from any of these sources: David Nirenberg’s Communities of Violence (esp. ch. 5).

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