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How to produce 1-methylcyclohexanol from cyclohexanol

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Synthesis and Characterization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Supported on Ziconia and Its Application in the Gas-Phase Oxidation of Cyclohexanol to Cyclohexanone

24/02/2011 · How to synthesize methylcyclohexane starting from cyclohexanol?

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The FT-IR spectra of the catalyst recovered from the reaction carried out in the oxygen flow using magnetite nanoparticles supported on zirconia showed intense peak for carbonyl group, thus showing that the major product of gas phase oxidation of cyclohexanol is cyclohexanone as shown in . The percent yield calculated from FT-IR was in a good agreement with that of GC results.

Synthesis of Adipic Acid by Oxidation of Cyclohexanol - Read more about oxidation, yield, cyclohexanol, obtained, selectivity and mmol.

Oxidation/dehydrogenation was demonstrated by comparing the data obtained with and without oxygen under identical experimental conditions using magnetite nanoparticles supported on zirconia as a catalyst as shown in . A noticeable effect was observed on the rate of reaction, when oxygen (95 Torr) was introduced in the gas feeding system, in comparison to that obtained in pure N2 atmosphere. The dehydrogenation activity falls again to the same negligible level when O2 is removed from the gaseous mixture. This increase in the rate of formation of cyclohexanone in the presence of O2 is common for metal oxide catalysts and is known as oxidation. Most of the industrially important reactions proceed through oxidation pathway in the presence of metal oxide as catalysts.