Thesis On Customer Relationship Management In Banks

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Thesis on customer relationship management in banking …

Customer relationship management in banks thesis

According to Kotler (2000) customer relationship principally involve analyzing customer behaviour in deep sense.

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Thesis on customer relationship management

They don't squander hard won gains due to poor credit management.

Credit risk remains a significant business issue in the 1990s, one that is too often ignored by business owners and managers as they seek to maximize sales and optimize customer relations.

Bad debts - which contributed significantly to business difficulties during the late 1980s and early 1990s - retain their capacity to undermine business stability and profitability in today's increasingly competitive business environment.

Unnecessarily high debtor balances tie up working capital that could be better used to reduce business debts and interest costs.

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The credit executive is well aware of the skill needed to collect on a delinquent account, yet maintain the trade credit relationship, if management is concerned about possibly losing the customer to a competitor.

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Similarly, thestudy also revealed that the mediating variables together are essential co-determinants ofcustomer loyalty in that they together boost the potential of CRM to enhance customerloyalty.

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valuable ScholarZmudjak M, Colas des Francs-Small C, Keren I, Shaya F, Belausov E, Small I, Ostersetzer-Biran O( 2013) Transparency, a judicial CRM fortune framed for the platform of s s physics, asks written in the alive&rdquo of disparate Views I and IV in Arabidopsis.

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The study found that the six CRM constructs (trust, commitment,communication, ‘social and financial bonds’, competence, conflict handling) cumulativelyhad significant positive effect on customer loyalty.

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The present competitive landscape in Ghana’s, banking industry hasaccentuated the need for effective management of relationships as a customer retentionstrategy.