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In one application the asymmetry in an atropisomer is transferred in a chemical reaction to a new 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The atropisomer is an iodoaryl compound synthesised starting from (S)- and exists as the (M, S) isomer and the (P, S) isomer. The interconversion barrier between the two is 24.3 / (101.7 /mol). The (M, S) isomer can be obtained exclusively from this mixture by from .

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In recent years drug stereochemistry has become a significant issue for both the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory authorities. The significance of stereoisomerism in antimicrobial agents is addressed in this review using examples drawn from the β-lactams, as being representative of semisynthetic agents, and the quinolones, as examples of synthetic agents. Within these two groups of compounds it is clear that stereochemical considerations are of significance for an understanding of concentration effect relationships, selectivity in both action and inactivation and for an appreciation of the mode of action at a molecular level.

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– the process of writing one functional group for another to help synthetic planning and to help disconnection. Note, there must be a good reaction in the reverse (forward!) direction.

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In this review, we use selected examples to demonstrate how continuous methods of synthesis can be greener than batch synthesis on a small and a large scale.