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I use a big piece of butcher paper with my daily/week goals and activities on them. I also have a point system that rewards me for good behavior, (going the bym, Eating in, Hitting Quota) and punishes me for bad behavior (drinking too much, sleeping in, etc). I also use my google calendar pretty religiously as well but not as much as you do.

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#1 - Prayer. I ask God each day for wisdom about what to give attention to and help in doing so. This takes great discipline, but nothing makes a bigger difference.
#2 - Understand yourself. Knowing when I focus best, when I need breaks, etc. helps me schedule things in a way that maximizes my effectiveness.
#3 - Sleep. I'm almost 50 now, and I wish I took sleep more seriously the past 30 years. A well-rested mind is far more capable than one propped up by caffeine.
#4 - Daily review. At the end of each day (usually at night after the kids are down and I've tackled some more things), I reflect on the day, consider commitments for the next day, and update my to-do list. 5 minutes. Then in the morning, take 5 minutes to review and pray so I head into the day with a clear idea of what I want to get done.
#5 - Pomodoro. If you're not familiar with the technique, it is a timer that has you focus on one thing for a certain amount of time (~25 min), have a quick break (check email, grab a drink, move around, whatever), then move on to the next thing. For people like me who are either easily distracted or can get so focused they lose track of time, this is golden. I'm still trying to get into this, but I love how it can help me keep on track.
#6 - Trello. Like sticky notes on steroids, but really easy to use. Great for visually oriented folks who want to keep an eye on the big picture but still be able to drill down into details. It is team-oriented so my team can also have access to what they need to see.
#7 - Mind mapping. I use a personal dashboard mindmap that helps me see the big picture of life - work, family, hobbies, etc. - and then drill down. It's highly visual, which is a huge for me, and can link me to everything I need - Trello board, web resources, whatever.
#8 - Wunderlist. We all need a place to keep lists. I love Wunderlist. Works great on my computer & phone.

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* Google Drive for keeping team members on the same page (literally)
* Google Calendar - I used to swear by pen-and-ink, but now I live by GCal
* Whatsapp for quick 1:1 meetings
* Then a simple Word doc of monthly, weekly and daily goals that I keep open on my desktop as I'm working. I start with the Biggest Rock and work my way down each day.

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-Drink a glass of Water (great of helping you wake up)
-Look at the calendar for the day
-Walk to the grocery store for a doughnut
-Clean the house
-Start working

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Hi Noah, I use two physical diaries and for quick reminders or random things I use the notes app and the reminders app. For important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries I use google calendar. For the diaries one is a pocket diary which holds personal tasks and the bigger one I leave at work. I stay organised by using the last 20min of the day to organise my tasks for tomorrow and checking my diary at the start of the day for 15min and then referring back to it as the day progresses as required.

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This is so helpful! Currently I've got a legal pad that stays on my desk with two columns Work/Personal and a brain dump of tasks in each. Every day I prioritize 3-5 to knock off the list. Other than that I live by Google calendar. This info will be useful for optimizing the longer term projects.