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The above code having two parts the first part is for pages second part is for categories. If you want your categories before header swap these two parts.

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How to show a category post in a single page in thesis theme?

Normally thesis theme navigation menu shown menu items in particular order like Home, pages, Categories, Links (it may be a post link or other link) and Rss feed link. Few of our readers have asked about how to change nav items order in thesis menu. Some of them asking about how to display categories before pages?. Reader comments ….

Learn more about how to add your newly created category pages to a Custom Menu here, or contact the WordPress support.

I have a question regarding categories on thesis theme. when i click on a category at thesis website like yours, i am taken to a category page e.g here you see we can read all the titles in that category but no excerpt or content of that post….. how can we achieve this that when we click on a category link we are not only shown titles but also excerpt

The template in this tutorial enables you to display category archive pages differently to the default archives.

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OBRL continues with the Hochberg Awards into the New Century, with programs providing cash awards and recognition to College and University students in several categories, and to published authors and journalists, for research and open-theme essays which are topically focused upon Wilhelm Reich's sociological and/or experimental biophysical orgone energy (or life-energy) discoveries.

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The category template option from the theme panel changes the header of the category. To change the category template for an individual category go to ...